Maxine says it’s “very racist” to want immigrants with skills who speak English


Mad Max said that parts of the President’s immigration plan are “very racist.” Rep. Waters said an immigration overhaul should not be “based on exciting and inciting those people who have negative thoughts about others coming across our border, and basically working to use that information to promote himself in a campaign. And I think some of that is very racist.”

Oh, sure, why not let everyone come in unvetted. That’s not crazy, is it Maxine?

Open borders Maxine said it’s very racist to not want to take in the world’s poor and to give them “points” for “learning English.” When she talks about the poor, she is pointing to Trump’s plan to take in highly skilled workers.

Trump’s plan also limits chain migration. That unfettered policy has immigrants deciding who comes to America.

That’s racist? She sees racism in her toes when she gets up in the morning. Isn’t it more racist to have open borders with people coming in to compete with low-paying minorities in the United States?

She’s batsh** crazy.



  1. Does anyone care what Mad Max is beating her gums over? She is just a broken record proving that we do indeed have taxation without representation.

  2. This is America. We speak English here. Even tourists try to learn the language. I don’t think that it is too much to expect someone supposedly wanting to live here to lean the language.

    As for requiring skills as a prerequisite for entrance to the country, why not? If we had that qualifier all along Mad Max wouldn’t be allowed here now.

  3. we already have enough Third World types here trashing out cities and turning them into hellholes. Maxie just want a lot more so she can promise free stuff and become an autocrat.

  4. Well Maxine.. if you’re going to call us all racist… and that’s all you do. Then I risk nothing by saying when my ancestors were building sleek northern European attack boats… yours were swinging from trees and chasing dinner around the woods using a stick with a rock tied to the end!

  5. “And I think some of that is very racist” – didn’t scientists tell us that Neanderthals had no ability to think?

  6. So she is saying people of color cannot have the needed skills because they are people of color. That is a very RACIST statement.

    • It’s just like their claim that minorities can’t figure out how to get IDs to vote. Idiots like Sharpton go along with it to corrupt the vote.

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