Maxine Waters goes on an irresponsible unhinged rant about Russians


The Russians are coming!

We already posted the clip below but it deserves more consideration. Maxine Waters went on one of her unhinged rants against the President. It was disgraceful. How CNN can give this woman airtime and not push back at all during her irresponsible rant is a mystery.

Maxine Waters, a Democrat icon, started this segment off by saying she believes, “even though I don’t have the facts to prove it, I believe that Putin wanted to lift the sanctions… so I believe they wanted to elect President Trump. I believe Trump agreed, I will always believe this, that he agreed, that if he got elected, he would lift those sanctions.”

As she said, she has no evidence and it’s because there is none, even after $34 million and a wasted two-year probe by the Mueller team and others in various states.

Then she said that when they say “we’re just making things up,” [it’s not true] there are too many facts. They hacked into our systems, she said. What does hacking have to do with the President? He didn’t hack anything.

The hacking took place under then-President Obama and all he said to Putin was “cut it out.” President Trump has been tough on the nation.

Several times she said, without any evidence, that the President is undermining our ‘democracy.’ Someone needs to tell the old Marxist that it’s a Republic. She should also have evidence. The unhinged woman constantly mixes, “I have no evidence,” with “these are facts.”

If you disagree with her, you don’t care about the “democracy.”

She ended by saying it’s a fact that the President is working with a foreign country to interfere with our election.

There is no first-hand evidence the President did do any such thing. In fact, the evidence from the actual witnesses is that he didn’t.

This is the woman who embraced the criminal who slammed a concrete brick on Reginald Denny’s head, ruining his life. She is also one of the most corrupt in Congress according to CREW.


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