Maxine Waters Is Worried About Alt-Right, Breitbart Killing Her, Killing Everyone


Maxine Waters went on another rant, babbling psychotically about KKK, white nationalists, Breitbart wanting to kill her and others.

KKK and neo-Nazis are dangerous but there aren’t very many of them. There are about 6,000 KKK and about 1,500 Neo-Nazis in this nation of 335 million. This is not what she needs to worry about. There are far more Antifa and BLM terrorists. She ranted:

“I’m worried about these domestic attacks. As a matter of fact, I was forced to focus on it a little bit yesterday when in my office in Los Angeles one of the people opening the mail opened an envelope, and a bunch of powder fell out with a note about me dying and killing Hillary Clinton and on and on and on. This is getting more frequent, and I know that we have privacy concerns and information sharing and all that,” said Waters.

“I think we should focus on domestic terrorism also. So I would like to ask again, given all that you have said about how difficult it is and about privacy concerns, do you have any thoughts about what can we do to begin to deal with the KKK, the white nationalists, the extremists, the alt-right?” asked Waters at a House Financial Services Committee.

“They’re on the Internet; they’re Breitbart. If you look at the YouTube, you see how much they want to kill me and others. What can we do?” asked Waters.

Breitbart has absolutely nothing to do with the KKK or white nationalist terrorists. She’s a loon.

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