Mad Maxine Waters Knows All About Poverty from Her Hancock Park Mansion


A video taken by a California resident in Maxine Water’s district 43 has some revealing footage of the depressed LA district she has represented for nearly thirty years. Maxine Waters is “revered”, looked to as a “beacon of hope and light” and she is the face of the Democrat Party.

Maxine represents District 43 which includes the high crime/high gang area of South Central LA – a region of Los Angeles that is barely livable. She herself lives in the tony Hancock Park neighborhood which was redistricted into the great zipcode of district 34. There are only 3.8 percent blacks in her neighborhood.

She is close to Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

Maxine Waters owns a number of homes in California, including a pricey home in California’s 37th District, multiple homes in Southern California, and a multi-million dollar home in Hancock Park in the 34th district.

She bought the mansion in Hancock Park in 2004 and the home is worth somewhere between 2.8 and 4.8 million.

Maxine listed the value of her personal residence as $1 million to $5 million on financial disclosure statements for 2014 . Real estate records indicate that the home was last sold in 2004. It hasn’t been sold since and it is hard to determine it’s value today.

MAXINE WATERS DOES SOME SPINNING IN THIS CLIP: Her only solution is to demand more money.
The NYC police chief called her district the worst, the gang capital of the nation.
She knows all about gangs as you can see in this next video. She can see them from her mansion in the upscale suburb she lives in.

The sanctuary city, here it is:

This next video could bring tears to your eyes. This is the USA?

Shirley Husar posted the video. She is a Trump supporter and walks the streets so people can see the real truth. The illegal immigrants are pushing black Americans out of their communities, she says.

Read more about Maxine.

Maxine Waters Copped Tax $$$ During the Financial Bailout When People Suffered

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

She arrogantly considers herself to be one of the enlightened few, fomenting class warfare, jealousy, envy, and greed in those who also arrogantly presume themselves to deserve something for nothing.

5 years ago

Maxine should have an ethics investigation brought upon her.

5 years ago

One should not be surprised about the duplicity of Maxine Waters. She never faced an opposition each and every time election time rolled around. This time Navarro is the first challenger she faces ever.

It remains unreported but yet for years illegals/invaders kept encroaching on neighborhoods that once were the neighborhoods of our black citizens. Slowly they have been purged by the illegals from Mexico and Central America. Now you find our black citizens and Waters constituents homeless and continuously targeted by the illegals during gang activity. The media hacks black it out but many black citizens became victims of homicide.

The black caucus and their member Waters should be ashamed. Do these black lives matter at all to them? Whether its Chicago, La or Philadelphia and Oakland its always the same. A neglected constituency and neighborhoods of our black citizens living in gerrymandered districts reserved for the likes of Waters, Barbara Lee (card carrying communist) of Oakland or those in Chicago. These politicians don’t care on wit although come election time they show up as usual in these poverty and crime riddled district promising the moon and playing on the fear of black Americans that the other side will keep them down.
If necessary they show up in churches on Sundays preaching their politics from its pulpits as though they are their savior.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As we saw Maxine Water being able to personally lobby for a bank payout/assistance during the manmade financial crises that her husband had a stake in. She made a boatload of money in that case via her husband.

Has the letter yet made into her voters where she conspired with CAIR to place their Somali imported economic opportunists/illegals to place them in the new housing complexes built for the people who are homeless and others in that district needed a bit of assistance? I wonder how the people in her district feel about it since they desperately need a place to live they can afford or help otherwise. There are many children sleeping on the streets in Waters district. Will she care about these children?

I know she is very concerned about invaders/illegal children being smuggled in for nefarious reasons that more often than not have anything to do with needing asylum. These children and the open border is nothing more than a pipeline to traffic children either to the worldwide pedophile network, the lucerferians and their sick appetite for their rituals and worse. Some of these children are used in sweat shops.

How about this Maxine Waters you evil women?