Maxine Waters Gives Her Weekly Trump Impeachment Announcement


Maxine Waters has been giving weekly announcements about Trump’s upcoming impeachment though it looks like she’s stepped that up. She only let three days go by between the most recent impeachment announcements.

She was spurred on somewhat by FBI Director Comey’s odd performance before Congress Monday.

Her tweets are over the top. Maxine is one of the dumbest members of Congress but her constituents keep re-electing her.

Her excited tweet comes after a newly-discovered document turned up that purports to show former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort having secretly taken large sums of money from former Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych, a close ally of Vladimir Putin’s.

It could be a forgery, but even if it’s not, Trump fired him early in his campaign. Manafort worked for Presidents Reagan and Ford — he was not a radical choice.

She also thinks there is something untoward because our Secretary of State is visiting Russia in April. Let the conspiracy theories begin!

A few days ago, Maxine predicted an upcoming impeachment. The woman’s obsessed.

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