Maxine Waters Says Dirty Dossier Sex Acts Assigned to the President Are “Absolutely True”


The now fully-debunked dossier sex story from Buzzfeed, which used only anonymous gossips as sources, was not regarded as legitimate by anyone with any sense of self-worth. Maxine Waters says it’s all true.

NBC reported that intelligence officials never believed the Buzzfeed fake news story. It was only meant to be used as an example of what “political junk” looks like. The story was never part of the intel briefing. This story was truly the high point in fake news from the left. This is the smoking gun that destroys the story.

From the NBC reporter:

“…as far as they are concerned, and I’m going to quote now, “Intel and law enforcement officials agree that none of the investigations have found any conclusive or direct link between Donald Trump and the Russian government, period.”

They wanted it available, we are told, so that if they felt they needed to explain to the President-elect the difference between vetted intelligence…and this raw kind of disinformation that’s out there.

“This is the kind of political junk that’s out there, we don’t believe it.”

There is no evidence that the sex acts in the McCain dossier ever happened, yet Maxine Waters, who recently said Russia invaded Korea, said they are absolutely true.

She’s a slanderous hound of hell.

The dossier has some times and meeting dates that line up but nothing else. It was commissioned by the Hillary Clinton campaign and, later, shamefully, by the NeverTrumpers. The operative who put together the dossier of gossip was a Hillary employee.

All evidence points to there being no basis for the Trump-Russia story, yet Maxine said it’s proven.

The dossier was described by liberal journalist Bob Woodward as “a garbage document” that never should have made it to the news.

The FBI did investigate a server tied to Donald Trump’s businesses and found NOTHING. There is no evidence!!!

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6 years ago

Maxine Water and Pelosi need to be part of a scientific study as to how they became exceptions to “survival of the fittest” and are corrupting the gene pool.