Maxine Waters Tricked Into Discussing Putin’s Invasion of a Fake Land in a Kid’s Book


Two pranksters arranged to trick Congresswoman Maxine Waters into thinking Putin invaded Limpopo, a well-known place in a children’s book. One pretended to be the Ukraine President Vladimir Groysman and described a non-existent attack orchestrated by Putin advisors known by Internet nicknames, Vovan and Lexus.

The fake President talked of installing Putin’s right hand marionette as its President by the name of Aibolit (a Russian children’s book character, Dr. Aibolit. The name is a play on the sound one makes when ill, Dr. OhItHurts!).

The pranksters claimed that Moscow had “hacked the election system” in a fictitious country of Limpopo, completely reversing the outcome and installing their puppet Ai Bolit as a president. Since the situation there has become even “worse than in the US,” the ousted president of Limpopo was considering fleeing to Ukraine, they said.

Waters assured the fake President “the US is going to stand with you guys” and will “keep these sanctions on Russia.”

Maxine agreed this Russian aggression must stop now! She offered help in overturning Limpopo’s new “dictator”.

Not suspecting foul play, she said Senators McCain and Lindsey are going to increase the sanctions.

Speaking about the most recent “development” in Ukraine, the duo claimed that “Putin’s regular army” had “simultaneously occupied” both Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine and Lvov, which is in the West. In addition, the pranksters said that Russia had “invaded Gabon” to support President Ondimba.

At the end of the call, the pranksters claimed that Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko had recently been plagued by an unfortunate problem with television, which all of a sudden switched to RT broadcasting Vladimir Putin’s interview.

“It happened to me too!” the supposed Congresswoman replied, referring to the incident on the C-SPAN channel when the speech of Maxine Waters due to internal routing problems was “blacked out” by RT for some ten minutes.

She still didn’t catch on!

In case the video doesn’t work, here’s another.

Maxine recently talked about Putin invading Korea [she was vaguely thinking of Crimea]. She’s a dum-dum and she’s in Congress.

Source: Russia Today

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7 years ago

Limpopo is not a “well-known place in a children’s book” it is a country which is a part of South Africa. But why Ms Waters thought Russia would be invading a part of South Africa is anyone’s guess.

Especially as, according to her, Putin is already attacking Korea. Perhaps she should ask President Bush about it?

7 years ago

Recently been telling my children just how dumb Waters is. Even Pelosi looks somewhat intelligent when with Waters.
“Dumber than dirt”