May Hillary Volunteer Dan Grilo’s Nasty Deleted Tweet About Mrs. Owens Follow Him Forever


Update at the end

Most people would agree that the tribute to Ryan Owens wife Cary was the most moving of the night. As the President praised her husband, she looked up to the sky and said, “I love you baby.” There wasn’t a dry-eye in Congress from what the attendees are saying.

A regular volunteer for Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s campaign, Dan Grilo called her an “idiot”. He has since deleted his Twitter account. May he never return but may his tweet follow him always.

He tweeted this while she cried.

He then had the nerve to lie. Obviously it wasn’t a poorly worded. He must think we are all stupid.

He works for a small business consultants group and his name disappeared from the staff list.

On the other hand, communist Van Jones showed character and admitted Donald Trump became president in that moment.

“He became president of the United States in that moment, period,” Jones said. “That was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics.”

Jones added that if Trump continued to have that kind of moment during his time in office, he would likely be a two-term president.

The snowflakes weren’t happy with Van Jones. The Democrats brought illegal aliens to the event last night but some only see it as exploitation when the right does it.

Let them double down.

The lovely, heartbroken widow was given a two-minute standing ovation. This is the cost of war.


We mentioned that Grilo’s name disappeared from the list of name’s on his company. The company confirmed that he was fired. We weren’t looking for that. It seems extreme.

Fox News reports:

Grilo’s LinkedIn page says he works as a principal for the Chicago-based Liberty Advisor Group. But as of Wednesday morning, Grilo’s profile page on the site had been deleted, and the company later confirmed that an employee had sent what they called “an offensive and inappropriate tweet” regarding the Gold Star family.

In a statement, the company said that while the message was from his personal account, “his comments were inconsistent with the Company’s values.”

“Regardless of whether the comments in the tweet were intended to cause the hurt and anger that they ultimately generated, they were unacceptable to us, and the individual who issued the tweet is no longer affiliated with Liberty,” the statement said.

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