Maybe Obama Should Hire Al Qaeda to Negotiate for Him


Obama exchanged five top Taliban officials for one deserter and when he okayed the nuclear deal, he got nothing in return, including our four prisoners suffering in Iraq’s worst prison. One is a U.S. soldier.


Al Qeada on the other hand was able to negotiate the release of five senior members out of Iran. One of the terrorists released was the interim leader of Al Qaeda and he is the subject of a $5 million bounty, according to an American official who had been briefed on the matter.

Iran’s release of the five men was part of a prisoner swap in March with Al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen, the group holding an Iranian diplomat, Nour Ahmad Nikbakht. Mr. Nikbakht was kidnapped in the Yemeni capital of Sana in July 2013.

The Iranian government, in a statement on Thursday after the release was reported by Sky News earlier this week, denied that the five men had been freed. The American official, who was granted anonymity to discuss the matter, confirmed the release of Saif al-Adl, a senior member of Al Qaeda’s ruling body, known as the Shura Council, who oversaw the organization immediately after bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALs in Pakistan in 2011.

Analysts are alarmed that this could re-energize the militant group.

Saif al-Adl
Saif al-Adl

One of those released was Saif al-Adl who is on the F.B.I.’s Most Wanted Terrorist list.  He was indicted in the 1998 United States Embassy bombings in East Africa which killed hundreds. He is the organization’s operational boss. He is considered to be a “founding father” by our CIA. He could bring the organization together.


Al Qaeda and Iran are colluding while our administration is making bad deals with Iran and ignoring their activities in Syria.

Former Marine Amir Hekmati, ex-FBI Agent Robert Levinson, Christian pastor Saeed Abedini and Washington Post Iran Bureau Chief Jason Rezaian, in the order they are pictured below, are currently rotting in violent Iranian prisons,

the men we left behind


Source: NY Times