Maybe It’s Time for Republicans to Get Tough With Other Republicans, Fire Them!


Is it well-past time to primary liberal Republicans or withhold funds for those who won’t follow through on the President’s agenda? The RNC seems to be doing something of that nature with a NJ gubernatorial candidate, but we say take it further.

The Republican National Committee isn’t spending big on New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Kim Guadagno because the RNC doesn’t think she has been loyal to President Trump, reported Wednesday.

The article gives two reasons for the lack of support. For one, she’s a lost cause and is trailing badly in the polls.

She’s lost the confidence of a pair of deep-pocketed GOP groups that spend big on governor’s races, NJ Advance Media has learned.

Even, the Republican National Governor’s Association will also invest minimally in NJ. What’s the point, after all?

The RNC has another reason which centers on her disloyalty to President Trump. She was very critical of him after the Billy Bush tape hit the airwaves. While we don’t condone disloyalty to a candidate over personal issues, not supporting candidates who reject Trump’s agenda is a matter to be considered.

It’s how Democrats have attained unquestioning loyalty

Democrats have undying fealty from their members no matter what bill they put up and no matter what they support. It’s why you won’t hear condemnation of the Women’s March support for a cop killer.

Democrat Party leaders do it by withdrawing support, especially financial, from the rogue Democrat, during the next election. Republicans haven’t played that game. Is it time to start?

Where have the Republicans been on Obamacare and a whole host of other issues? They’re all over the place and there is no effort to move President Trump’s agenda forward.

On Obamacare, they wouldn’t even let the 2015 Obamacare replacement bill that they unanimously agreed upon get to the floor for a vote. The reason is obvious. It was a fraud. They never intended for it to become law. Heck, they want to keep subsidizing a big government-run program.

Republicans keep talking about the fight they will put up against Democrats on a number of issues. What fight? They have the majority! Democrats won’t participate in running the government unless Trump does what they want so ignore them as they ignored Republicans for 8 years.

Allegedly they are going to “fight” to keep Democrats from allowing illegals to take U.S. jobs from citizens and lawful residents. However, a GOP-majority House Committee on Appropriations approved a spending bill early last Friday morning which allows young illegal immigrants to win jobs in President Donald Trump’s agencies or in government-owned workplaces.

Some Republicans are now asking for a DREAMer Act with nothing in return. Let’s trade it for the Anchor baby nonsense. They are going to pay for transgender surgeries in the military with our tax money though it’s a fully elective and a very controversial surgery.

Moderate/Liberal Republicans don’t even support tax reform. When the budget went to the Senate, McConnell announced cuts to big government agencies and taxes were dead on arrival. When they said they would cut spending, they lied. There is no sign of that. They don’t even want to cut the size of the growth of spending.

When you look at who our Republicans are now, some appear to be Democrats who don’t fit into the new hard-left Democrat Party. Take Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Rob Portman, Shelley Moore Capito. Does anyone think they are Republicans? Then there are the other so-called moderates, too many to count.

Maybe the only thing the “members” of the Republican Party will understand is the withholding of funds? The Republican Party is in chaos and heading for extinction. Something like this might need to happen. If it doesn’t, the Democratic Socialist Party will be ruling us in a one-party system and they will do it with an iron fist.

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6 years ago

I heard a staggering analysis by Rush Limbaugh on this whole Russian investigation by Mueller. He contends this is the largest opposition research endeavor ever conceived let alone undertaken. It can be the vehicle in which any negative revelations are released, undoubtedly by leaks, in order to inflict enough damage to either stifle the Trump administration or hamper a reelection campaign.

This could very well give an entirely new perspective on the behavior of the Republican majority in Congress. Is it possible that this is intentional on their part. In so doing they can mount an alternate candidate in the next election with a Primary challenger. It is rather coincidental that Republican Committees are leaving no stone unturned in the investigation whether Trump family members or any associates of Trump. Are they participating in laying the groundwork for this.

It is all too suspicious that the parameters of Mueller’s investigation has no bounds even to any and all Trump’s finances and business dealings. I submit it will be a foregone conclusion that much of Trump’s taxes will be part of this also. I see no effort by Republicans, or Sessions, to speak on the illegitimacy of the investigation. As many prominent Attorneys have stated there is nothing illegal in any of the charges leveled against Trump. What we DO have is opposition research “sanctioned by law”.

It is for certain that Trump has garnered die-hard support that will NOT be influenced by ANY of these tactics. I would not be surprised if the backlash turns against Republicans and thus suffer devastating losses.

When one examines the power structure in Washington I can easily believe this is an agenda by many in Washington. They are fearful their money and influence may begin to diminish. We know this to be the case since so many entered the Washington establishment with modest means only to become wealthy beyond imagination. The amount of wealth in Washington and its suburbs is staggering and continues to grow year after year. This wealth comes at the expense of everyone else in the country, specifically the Middle Class. It is this Power and Greed that will ultimately lead the country to failure because people will eventually rise up in revolt.

6 years ago

In recent years the RNC has been penalizing conservatives and helping liberals. That’s why we have Murkowski & McConnell.

6 years ago

Any Republican who stated Obama lied on healthcare and who supported its repeal should be labeled as hypocrites. It is apparent they had no intention of doing so. They should be confronted at every venue and told their LIES are even more worthy of condemnation than Obama’s lies.