Mayor de Blasio might cancel all gifted programs since they’re racist


The communist mayor of New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio, real name Warren Wilhelm, is considering eliminating all programs for the gifted and talented to achieve racial parity.

It’s now racist to be smarter or have more talent than a minority.

Even though Asians are a minority, we are guessing they fall into the gifted and talented category so that’s it for them. Obviously, whites are not getting any higher-level work no matter what they have earned.

Dumb them all down!

The school diversity committee recommended ditching all screening for students everywhere in the city. That will also affect gifted and talented minorities, but, that’s the breaks when the mayor and his appointees are on the far-far-left.

Let’s make the destruction of New York City complete!

They have too many children in these special programs according to the bigotted Chancellor Richard Carranza, which may be true, but why dump all the programs? Why not tighten the standards?

The select high schools are exempt.

If de Blasio follows the recommendations, he will replace them with magnet schools for students who have special interests, but what will the requirements be? Requirements are probably racist.

He also hates charter schools which help minority children. Everything is big government with de Blasio.

At the opening of the National Education Association (NEA) conference, the largest labor union in the country, he railed against charter schools.

“That’s what I want to focus on. Get away from high-stakes testing, get away from charter schools. No federal funding for charter schools. By the way, too many Republicans, but also too many Democrats, have been cozy with the charter schools. Let’s be blunt about it: We need to hold our own party accountable, too. And no one should ask for your support, or no one should be the Democratic nominee unless they’re willing to stand up to Wall Street and the rich people behind the charter school movement once and for all.”

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