Mayor Doomberg Officially Throws His Hat in the Ring


The anti-gun, anti-Big Gulp, anti-Big Popcorn, anti-sugar, anti-salt, pro-Red China former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg has officially thrown his hat in the ring.

He didn’t bring the city back from the ashes as he falsely claims in the ad below. He cashed in on Rudy Giulini’s successes.

He’s fascistic. Because of Mayor Bloomberg, we don’t have the right to self-defense with a gun in New York City. He does love Red China and says President Xi is not a dictator.



  1. Bloomberg is being very clever, please note how he was able to avoid that 3 ring circus (aka the Democrat debates) and nose his way right on under the tent. This tricky latecomer should be taken seriously, he’s one of the very few in the world who actually has more $$$Billions$$$ at his disposal then Donald Trump.

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