Mayor Frey Accused of Removing Porta-Potties with a Crowd of 20,000+


Mayor Frey has pulled a number of stunts to try to block the President’s rally in Minneapolis this evening. One of his tactics was to charge the President more than half-a-million dollars for security. In 2009, they charged Barack Obama $20,000, Breitbart reported.

The Minnesota GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan told host Bill Hemmer on Fox News Wednesday morning that Democrat Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has blocked media from interviewing Trump supporters.

That’s not all.

There were reportedly over 20,000 people lined up at the stadium this afternoon but only four portable toilets. That has to be deliberate and with the petty mayor, it’s quite likely he’s behind it. [The President said there are 20,000+ inside, another 25,000 outside and 100,000 who wanted to come]

The Alpha News reporter also heard that Frey ordered the portable toilets removed.

Many waited for twelve hours to hear the President.

Some Trump fans visited the petty little mayor on Wednesday.

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