Mayor Khan Bans Knives, Offenders will Face the “Full Force of the Law”


The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan headlines his Twitter page with #LondonIsOpen over a blank red background following months of daily stabbings and shootings. Mayor Khan has been tweeting about all he is doing to make London safe — implementing new tough measures — and wait until you hear what they are.

The far-left mayor is banning knives under threat of arrest. He has his police running around collecting knives, screwdrivers, kitchen knives, garden shearers, and so on. There were seven stabbings in one day last week followed by nine the next day.

Londoners will find it impossible to defend themselves.

Some of the crimes are by gun or van, but guns are already banned. Who knows what he will do about vans.

The mayor has chosen political correctness over human life.

Since most of the crime is carried on by black youth — African Muslim immigrants — Mayor Sadiq Khan retweeted this next video. It features a lot of cute, clean-cut black children and is meant to encourage murderous gang kids to not carry knives.

This Mayor has been busy too worrying about water fountains and plastic bags.


  1. Haven’t we always said that if you ban guns people will find another way to commit murder? London is now banning knives because of an epidemic of knife murders. Better start banning baseball bats because they will be the next kind of murder weapon. If you needed more proof that it’s not the weapon that kills people, but the person behind it, all you need to do is look at London.

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