Mayor of London has changed the face of London & it’s frightening


As the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan trashes the U.S. President on the eve of his visit, check out London, the capital city of Britain today, in the clip below. It’s frightening to see how it is changing. Each nation in Europe has a beautiful and distinct culture and we are watching its destruction.

Khan said President Trump is a 20th-century fascist and a dangerous threat to the global world. This is the man who gives speeches with terrorists and admires Louis Farrakhan. He is an Islamo-Fascist. Khan is also a sponsor of communist anti-Semite, Jeremy Corbyn.

Twitter keeps taking the linked video clip down because they don’t want you to know what is going on. Khan was voted in by the majority Muslim boroughs of London, together with the Labour Party now being formally investigated for anti-Semitism.

The Muslim Mayor of London, who has presided over more than 100 fatal stabbings in 2019, used the EU flag for London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks and blasted the Islamic call to prayer from Trafalgar Square, claims he is the arbiter of what is British. He says it’s unBritish to roll out the red carpet for Donald Trump.

If they take it down again, I copied it from my phone here:

The anti-LGBT protests went on outside a primary school in London for 7 weeks by an entire Muslim community, and the left in Britain said nothing. The media kept it quiet.

People have to understand that Islam is not simply a religion, it’s a way of life, and for some Muslims, it demands the conquering of all other ways of life. It’s about supremacy.

Khan really likes Louis Farrakhan:


Khan repeats all the lies of the leftists in the United States as if they were facts.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

He is bringing Sharia to Britain with the help of Communists on the Left, British civilians will soon realize that they made a devilish deal with the Muslims, as they lose their freedoms.