Mayor Pete Can Turn the USA Into South Bend If You Want


St. Pete Buttigieg, son of a famous communist professor, likes to quote from scripture to put down his opponents, whether it be related to late term abortion, unaffordable commie care, handouts to people here illegally, he has the Bible verse he thinks goes with it. In addition to setting himself up as a moral arbiter, he brags about all the great things he has done for South Bend, an impoverished town where 25% live below the poverty line.

The rich are doing well though. He has overseen some expensive high-rises go up in some ritzy areas. Unfortunately, the town is like a ghost town during the day.

Peter Buttigieg calls South Bend a “turnaround city,” but there has been a wave of shootings lately, especially at cops who he has targeted. Nothing has turned around either.

Washington Post did a puff piece on him, and quoted Buttigieg as saying, “Change is coming, ready or not. There is a myth being sold to industrial and rural communities: the myth that we can stop the clock and turn it back.”

Remember when Obama said something like that? About manufacturing, he asked if Trump had a “magic wand.”

Pete’s a pessimist with no real answers.

The son of a commie revitalized South Bend in his imagination only. Benjamin Studebaker blasts the mayor’s tales of turning the city into a tech mecca. Studebaker says it’s more like “dust” than a mecca. Only 1.2% of jobs are in the tech industry. People are providing services for college students.

South Bend is poor and unproductive, just another leftist city. Studebaker describes Buttigieg this way: “He’s just another Ivy League McKinsey consultant looking to find ways to make the world a little bit better for rich folks and a little bit worse for everyone else.”

He concludes: “But the coastie press doesn’t talk to the people who lost their homes because Buttigieg doesn’t think they’re pretty enough. Instead, it just keeps reporting on how “smart” he is and how many languages he speaks. Buttigieg doesn’t give a damn about people, and neither do they. The Studebaker family is big, and I don’t speak for all of it. But in my view, he’s not curing South Bend of its sickness–he embodies the rot. Notre Dame gets bigger, and the ordinary people who built the city are forgotten. It’s not good for South Bend, and it wouldn’t be good for the country.”

Raymond visited the real hometown of Mayor Pete, the police hater. USA Today described South Bend as one of the most dangerous cities in the country. The drug unit and traffic unit have been shrunk by Pete. They have double the number of assaults than the nation’s average. Pete’s racism remarks have caused serious police-community relations.

Moralist Pete tried to keep a women’s care center from opening. It wasn’t Planned Parenthood after all.

This is a Democrat city — overwhelmingly — and they like him, but there’s no progress and it’s not safe.

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