Mayor Pete Condemns Fox But Jumps at Grabbing their Free Air-Time


Mayor Pete Buttigieg will soon be viewed by a couple of million people at a town hall on Fox News, but at the same time, he is demonizing them. It’s quite a racket. We can guess it wouldn’t have happened under Roger Ailes.

Mayor Pete, the son of a famous Communist professor, says, “I strongly condemn the voices on Fox and in the media that uncritically amplify hate and the divisive sort of politics that gave rise to this presidency. Their goal is to spread fear and lies, not serve as honest brokers with the American people.”

That’s a lie. In fact, one recent study found that 52% of the Fox News coverage about the President was negative. Their news coverage during the day is anything but right wing. Fox is trying to give voice to both sides by including conservative voices on their news shows and airing right-wing pundits in the evening. To Mayor Pete, conservatism is hate.


Buttigieg said that “just because many of these opinion hosts don’t operate in good faith, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t Fox viewers tuning in in good faith.”

He wants Democrat messages to be heard by these viewers or “we shouldn’t act surprised if they have a distorted view of what we believe and who we are.”

Mayor Pete, who said “America was never great” and God’s a Democrat, wants to get Democrat values of freedom, security, and democracy out.

Does that include their desire to censor the right, shut down free speech, relegate religious freedom to the will of the state, control our money with socialist policies, trample the Constitution and the Republic? They want to tell us what to wear [no furs allowed], what to eat [not meat], what to say and hear and read.

Bernie Sanders gave a similar excuse as Mayor Butt when he ran his town hall on Fox News.

This way they can bash Fox News and still get the hour of free air-time. So far, the town halls have simply been Democratic talking point ads.

Buttigieg will participate in the town hall on May 19th from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST in Claremont, New Hampshire. He will be interviewed by a biased Democrat, Chris Wallace.

The majority of the audiences at the town halls appear to be fans so far.

This is Butt’s statement as to why he is doing the town hall:

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