Mayor Pete Rails Against Military Pardons This Memorial Weekend


Communistic Mayor Pete Buttigieg got the memo which says Democrat policies have failed and the only recourse is to attack President Trump for anything and everything. Buttigieg, an Afghanistan War veteran, is trashing the President for pardoning soldiers imprisoned for alleged war crimes.

The men were judged by an Obama tribunal that found traitor Bowe Bergdahl barely guilty of anything, and the crimes were under Obama’s rules of engagement.

Under those rules, every terrorist is merely a criminal who deserves U.S. Constitutional rights and a free attorney.

Buttigieg sees it Obama’s way and he is seething:

Trump said he was considering pardons for “two or three of them” but said he hadn’t yet made a decision.

“It’s a little bit controversial. It’s very possible that I’ll let the trials go on, and I’ll make my decision after the trial,” he said.

The Times reported that those being considered for pardons include Matthew Golsteyn, a former Army commando charged with murder for killing a suspected Taliban bomb maker in Afghanistan. Trump said in December that he would be “reviewing” the case against Golsteyn, and called him a “U.S. Military hero.”

Buttigieg says President Trump is “slandering” troops by considering these pardons. He put words into Trump’s mouth, claiming the President said all who serve are turned into murderers.

Via Fox News:

“Some of these soldiers are people that have fought hard and long,” Trump told reporters. “You know, we teach them how to be great fighters, and then when they fight, sometimes they get really treated very unfairly.”

But while such pardons may be seen as a pro-troop move, Buttigieg said that “the idea that being sent to war turns you into a murderer is exactly the kind of thing that those of us who have served have been trying to beat back for more than a generation.” He added that such a move would actually remove one of the protections for troops.

“Today, one of the things that protect our troops morally and physically is the knowledge that if anybody in uniform does commit a crime, they will be held accountable by military justice,” he said. “For a president, especially a president who never served, to say he’s going to come in and overrule that system of military justice, undermines the very foundations, legal and moral, of this country.”


Perhaps I am off base? I have not served, but after looking at the Golsteyn case, I would pardon him too though he hasn’t been pardoned yet.

What do you servicemen and veterans think? I don’t trust Buttigieg so perhaps I am too hard on him.

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4 years ago

Mayor Pete Buttigieg did serve in Afghanistan but in a protected area and only for 6 months so has no right to criticize President Trump for pardoning soldiers who were actually in battle and especially when their offences were during battle or with the enemy who was moments ago were trying to kill that soldier. Does “Mayor Pete” have an opinion about Obama pardoning the traitor Bradley Manning who’s crimes actually hurt America and possibly got Americans killed? Or what about Obama trading top Taliban lieutenants for the return of a deserter who’s desertion got Americans killed looking for him. What is Buttigieg’s opinion of that deserter gaining rank to Sargent when he did not earn it?

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

On the battlefield, soldiers are to kill the enemy.

4 years ago

Obama never served and he pardon two traitors, so where doe Butt stand on that issue?