Mayor Spaces Out as Baltimore Burns to the Ground


Freddie Gray died while in police custody. Instead of concentrating on the possible guilt of the arresting officers, Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake came out publicly to give people the “space” to go out and riot and cause destruction. You heard me correctly, she gave people the green light to destroy other peoples property!

These are the very same people she is supposed to be serving and protecting while receiving a taxpayer-funded paycheck. They are paying her to indirectly destroy their property.

That is why I will only refer to her as Mayor Space Cadet. Apparently she is lacking the brain-cells to the job she was elected to do.

Nothing makes a tax-fighting-taxpayer’s head want to explode more than watching taxpayers being abused by those elected officials who are supposed to represent them and NOT promote riots.

Does Mayor Space Cadet care about the person who doesn’t have a job today because looters were allowed to burn down the local CVS store? How about the families that lost their cars to these low-lifes? How are they going to get to work today to support their families? Who is going to pay for all of this destruction – the taxpayers!

Every insurance company having to pay out on these claims should personally sue Mayor Space Cadet.

Unlike the Ferguson family who called for violence, the Gray family of Baltimore did not want this to happen.

They want the truth as to why their son died but they did not want it through chaos and violence.

These thugs, who behave this way in the name of Freddie Gray, have taken away from the resources needed to investigate his death. That is how very stupid Mayor Space Cadet and her band of useful idiots are. What have the accomplished?

They have ruined businesses in the very city that they live in; they have shutdown schools so kids cannot get an education; they have cost people their jobs by burning down local businesses that are caught in the cross-fire; they have destroyed over 200 cars that insurance companies will have to pay for, they have destroyed police cars and wasted police officers’ time (on the taxpayer’s dime) and what does Mayor Space Cadet do? She blames the Media!

Guess who has to pay for her being a complete and utter space cadet, you guessed it – THE TAXPAYER !!!!!

Did she think for one nano-second about who was going to foot the bill for the damages caused by those who “needed” space to “blow off some steam”??? Apparently it was not her concern as long as the thugs were able to be their own judge and jury and render their own form of punishment, which was to blame Baltimore and to burn it down to the ground.

Let’s fire all the attorneys’, close down the court systems, so everyone can go back to the days of the Wild-Wild-West! That is atmosphere that Mayor Space Cadet has created.

Did you know that Mayor Space Cadet is the secretary of the Democrat National Committee? Why am I not surprised.

The Democrats are the now the party of Communists, race-baiters, dividers, liars and crooks. If you consider yourself a “moderate” Democrat perhaps it is time to high-tail it over the nearest Board of Election office and change your political party status. Unless, of course, you support the party that denounced God 3 x times, left our Ambassador and Navy seals to die in Benghazi and encourages rioters.

Before my head actually explodes from a world gone mad, I just need to get one more thing off my chest.

During these riots, I kept hearing everyone throw around “Martin Luther King’s” name. Newsflash – Martin Luther King did not promote violence to get his message across. He believed in civil disobedience.

Martin Luther King believed in peaceful demonstrations and in judging a man based on character not skin color.

Many people are so way off base nowadays that MLK is probably turning over in his grave or, perhaps, just like mine, his head is ready to explode.

I think that the King family should trademark MLK’s name and anyone who wants to use his name must get written permission before they utter his name in vain.

I’ll end my rant with my own message to the good, honest, hard-working people of Baltimore. You have the power to stop the destruction in your communities. It’s called Election Day. During the next election cycle, those of us who want to live peacefully, need to vote out Mayor Space Cadet and put her to the curb with the rest of the trash.

Don’t forget to vote and remember every election has its consequences. If you vote for a space cadet you get a space cadet and perhaps one that can cost you dearly as in the case of the Mayor of Baltimore who has destroyed so many lives and wasted millions of taxpayers dollars.



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