Mayor Steals From the Elderly to Pay for Socialist Theft


New York City’s alt-left Mayor Bill DeBlasio, aka Warren Wilhelm, has given out a ‘very generous’ paid parental leave package to his younger constituents at the expense of older workers.

It sets a dangerous Socialist precedent with a new entitled generation sucking it right up.

The older ones will die soon and the younger ones will be loyal voters for decades more so you can see where this hard-left, big government guy is coming from. However, the older ones haven’t died yet and are taking it to court.

The New York City Managerial Employees Association, which represents thousands of workers, filed lawsuit Friday against the city for discriminating against older workers, who lost vacation days and a salary raise to pay for the policy.

“It’s really discriminating against older people,” said MEA president Stuart Eber.

That’s what happens when big government takes decisions out of the hands of the people.

The policy, unveiled by Mayor de Blasio in January, gives six weeks of paid leave to non-union city employees. To pay for it, he slashed a .47% raise planned for 2017, and cut two extra vacation days granted to those with 15 or more years on the job.

Obviously, the older workers won’t be able to use the parental leave much if ever.

The parental leave policy — one of the biggest thefts in the country in the public sector — applies only to about 20,000 managerial employees, and not union workers.

New York City is corrupt and far-left, thus, these people won’t win their suit. NYC will continue to discriminate and the voters will continue to vote for more of these big government socialist policies.

One day, they will run out of other peoples’ money.

Remember when communism wasn’t mainstream? Socialism is the same thing, a different side of the same coin and leads to more and more statism because it’s never enough.

Ronald Reagan knew it too which is why the left hates him. About Kennedy, they ignore what he said.

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