Mayor Warns Against “Islamophobia” After Muslim Cop Kills an Unarmed Woman


Mayor Hodges

Mohamed Noor is the first Somali-American to become a police officer in the 5th precinct. As such, he was a poster boy. Then he went and shot an unarmed woman from the passenger side of his vehicle through an open window and killed her. The mayor of Minneapolis is very worried about “racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia”.

Mohamed Noor

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges thinks the victim is the Muslim community.

This nonsense from the leftists is getting sickening. An innocent woman is dead because of an incompetent cop and she’s worried about Islamophobia.

The officer was a trigger happy cop it seems. The killer cop told friends he shot Justine Damond because he was “startled” by her when she ran towards his car in the dark after loud noise – and had no idea she was 911 caller.

So he shoots her? Several news reports said she was shot multiple times.

His friends pulled out the race victimization card. The say he feels isolated because of his race with his department throwing him under the bus. His feeling is “I am an immigrant, a Muslim and not white.”

He killed an innocent woman!!! He’s not the victim!!!

Justine Damond

If he’s not convicted, he could actually keep his job.

Where is the concern for Justine Damond, the victim who was reporting a crime and trying to help a woman she thought was being raped?

This is the dingbat mayor’s statement to the Muslim community as if they are the victims:

Even the Australian Prime Minister is talking about it.

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