McCabe dropped his suit against the FBI after major developments


On Friday, the attorney for former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe dropped his wrongful termination lawsuit against the FBI. This came one day after the public was informed that the Department of Justice’s Trump-Russia probe turned into a criminal probe and after a stunning filing on behalf of General Flynn.

That move by McCabe sounds telling, but we will have to see. Maybe he’s turning states evidence.


The Altered 302

In addition to the announcement of a criminal probe, we have been told that former deputy director Andrew McCabe held a meeting with FBI agent Peter Strzok and ex-FBI attorney Lisa Page, and other officials, to allegedly discuss a plan to alter their interview notes to frame former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Sidney Powell, General Flynn’s attorney states in a recent filing that when Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka interviewed General Flynn about speaking with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak about removing sanctions, the consensus was that Flynn was telling the truth. Flynn said he had no memory of it. There is evidence to support this statement.

Additionally, Powell says that after the interview, Strzok held a meeting with Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, and others to discuss altering the interview notes (the 302) to frame Flynn.

Furthermore, the plan was implemented after the media reported on February 10, 2017, that “senior intelligence officials” claimed Flynn had spoken with Kislyak about removing sanctions.

“Overnight, the most important substantive changes were made to the Flynn 302,” the filing states. “Those changes added an unequivocal statement that ‘FLYNN stated he did not’ — in response to whether Mr. Flynn had asked Kislyak to vote in a certain manner or slow down the UN vote. This is a deceptive manipulation because, as the notes of the agents show, Mr. Flynn was not even sure he had spoken to Russia/Kislyak on this issue. He had talked to dozens of countries.”

“Second, they added: ‘or if KISLYAK described any Russian response to a request by FLYNN.’ That question and answer do not appear in the notes, yet it was made into a criminal offense. The typed version of the highly unusual ‘deliberative’ 302 by that date already included an entire section from whole cloth that also serves as a criminal charge in the Information and purported factual basis regarding ‘Russia’s response’ to any request by Flynn. The draft also shows that the agents moved a sentence to make it seem to be an answer to a question it was not.”

Documents here and here.

The file was manipulated as James Clapper urged the “kill shot.”


Special Agent Joe Pientka has long been rumored to be willing to testify — as the other agent in the room during the ambush interview — but only if subpoenaed.  Allegedly, Rod Rosenstein would not allow him to testify. We don’t know if that is accurate, but we definitely need to hear from him. He was supposed to testify to the Senate behind closed doors and we don’t know if he did.

The unredacted House Intel report revealed Comey testified to House Intel members that the FBI agents who ambushed Flynn did not detect any deception. The report also revealed the illegal leak of Flynn’s phone call with Kislyak allowed the FBI/DOJ to keep a counterintelligence operation open on Flynn.

Read the Filing:

General Flynn Filing Octobe… on Scribd

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