McCabe Retires to Escape Questioning


Andrew McCabe is retiring amid intense scrutiny and controversy. Top Republican lawmakers like Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley have recently called for McCabe’s ouster. He’s also been called before congressional committees during which he was seen as “Democrat friendly”. Republicans didn’t like his answers.

According to The Washington Post, McCabe will leave his post in a few months, after he becomes eligible for full pension benefits.

McCabe, 49, was interviewed on Tuesday by the House Intelligence Committee, which focused on his involvement in handling the infamous Trump dossier. Fox News reported that McCabe offered few details about the dossier or the Russia investigation.

“It would send a terrible message to move him now, but it’s also a terrible situation he’s in,” one law enforcement official told the Washington Post, which first broke the news Saturday.

Why would an honest broker be in a terrible position?

McCabe faced hours of questioning behind closed doors on Capitol Hill this past week as top Republicans are investigating alleged bias in the FBI after hate-filled anti-Trump, pro-Hillary messages were uncovered in key two FBI agents’ exchanges. According to reports, Republicans were displeased with McCabe’s responses to their questions about alleged bias.

One of those agents, Peter Strzok has been transferred. His mistress Lisa Page infamously wrote to Strzok: “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.’’

McCabe, formerly James Comey’s right-hand man, became deputy director in Feb. 2016. Congressional committees are investigating him for his role in the dossier and other issues. The DoJ inspector general’s office is also looking at him for not recusing himself while his wife was running for office as a Democrat using large donations provided by Clinton donors and friends.

In a highly convincing weekend article published by Andy McCarthy, a former US attorney writing for National Review, he points out exactly why the Clinton opposition research was very likely the source of the FBI’s FISA warrant targeting Carter Page. He writes:

Even though the FISA warrant targeting Page is classified and the FBI and DOJ have resisted informing Congress about it, some of its contents were illegally and selectively leaked to the Washington Post in April 2017 by sources described as “law enforcement and other U.S. officials.” According to the Post: The government’s application for the surveillance order targeting Page included a lengthy declaration that laid out investigators’ basis for believing that Page was an agent of the Russian government and knowingly engaged in clandestine intelligence activities on behalf of Moscow, officials said.  Among other things, the application cited contacts that he had with a Russian intelligence operative in New York City in 2013, officials said. […]

In addition, the application said Page had other contacts with Russian operatives that have not been publicly disclosed, officials said. I’ve emphasized that last portion because it strongly implies that the FISA application included information from the Steele dossier. That is, when the Post speaks of Page’s purported “other contacts with Russian operatives that have not been publicly disclosed,” this is very likely a reference to the meetings with Sechin and Diveykin that Page denies having had — the meetings described in the dossier.

Agents Strzok and Page referenced an insurance policy and a meeting with McCabe. McCarthy asks was this the insurance policy?

The FBI has not been able to verify any of the dossier’s allegations. The dossier was reliant primarily on Russian agents in the Kremlin. If the Clinton/DNC opposition research, mislabeled officially as the ‘dossier’, was used as the basis for a FISA warrant, the FBI’s bias would be exposed beyond refutation.

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5 years ago

McCabe does not deserve to retire because the crime should fit the punishment. He decided to commit sedition and treason not only before but continued after the election of the president.
He should not have the opportunity to cash in after all that.

Sheila K (Shewolf)
5 years ago

This is outrageous. He should be FIRED now, and not be allowed to collect full benefits. It’s time they made an example of these snakes rather than just letting them slink away

5 years ago

By announcing he’s retiring he thinks it will prevent him from being fired before then. Trump should give him a New Year’s surprise (without pension).

Louis Brtrand
Louis Brtrand
5 years ago

So glad this Administration is clearing out the rot from the years of Democratic infiltration of the FBI, and other aspects of political corruption. One hopes the exposures will make it difficult for the GOP or Dems. to blur the lines of keeping the three powers separate with supreme integrity in so far as possible with flawed human nature.