McCain Discusses US Policy with Two Buffoonish Russian Phone Pranksters


Senator John McCain fell for the clownish routine of the ridiculous Russian pranksters who snookered Maxine Waters a couple days ago. Not only did he discuss policy with these silly guys, he put down President Trump and suggested it was easier for him having Obama as president.

One of the two Russian pranksters called Maxine and told her he was the Ukraine president. They told Maxine Russian President Vlad Putin invaded a fake town, which is actually the name of a town in a Russian children’s book. They made many other absurd comments but she never caught on.

They did the same with the anti-Trump Senator McCain who discussed policy with these two clowns. He advised the fake Ukraine president that he – McCain – doesn’t know what the President is going to do about sanctions but the Congress is not going to let him get away with dropping them.

McCain is concerned about the “great deal of confusion now” and he “cannot predict what this President will do”. “Again, my dear friend, I cannot predict,” he said.

He said later in the conversation, he “can’t predict what the President will do…these are the most challenging times in the years I’ve been here.”

In other words, McCain was more comfortable with Obama.

The Arizona senator is diminishing the President of the United States to a man he believes is the president of the Ukraine but who is actually a clownish prankster.

They also discussed a fake upcoming RT exposé on McCain’s imprisonment in Vietnam, about which McCain wanted more information.  The prankster warned McCain there is some Russian hacking going on.

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