McCain Flunky Who Weaponized the IRS Now Controls All Internal DoJ/FBI Probes


As corruption continues at the DoJ/FBI, it is important to know the name of an operative who is working behind the scenes in a powerful position. That person is Henry Kerner.

Former McCain staffer, Henry Kerner, a deep state bureaucrat, has oversight over whistleblowers and internal probes. This is no ordinary staffer. This man hates conservatives.

Senator John McCain’s Staff Director Henry Kerner urged the IRS’ Steve Miller and Lois Lerner to target the tea party and any conservative groups until its “financially ruinous”.

Henry Kerner is now in charge of all internal investigations in the government.

In his past positions, he was in investigative control during Obama’s scandals.


McCain pushed for this deep state operative who weaponized the IRS.

This man’s goal was to target conservatives through the IRS. Why is he in one of the most powerful positions in government, internally investigating a corrupt DoJ/FBI when he appears corrupt himself?

Kerner had oversight in investigations involving Fast & Furious, Extortion 17, Benghazi, Hillary’s emails, the General Flynn probe, based on his resumé.

In his previous roles, he was tied to the investigations the committees led. He was definitely involved as senior investigative counsel in Fast & Furious.

In May 2017, President Donald Trump nominated Kerner to become Special Counsel at the United States Office of Special Counsel. McCain pushed for him. He was confirmed by the 115th Congress with final voting from the U.S. Senate in October 2017.

Interesting sidenote: Special Counsel Kerner issued a statement a while back declaring that “Kellyanne Conway, one of President Donald Trump’s top advisers, violated federal law in two television interviews last year by using her White House position to weigh in on a political race” on March 6, 2017.

It was an extremely petty violation.

He is currently in charge of all investigations and abuses within government and involving whistleblowers.

This is at a time when the fraud and corruption threatens to take down the lawfully-elected President.


If you don’t believe this Mueller probe is tainted, you’re misguided. There is a deep state. Believe it.

Devin Nunes says the redactions in the warrant are not top secret. The purpose of the redactions to hide what was going on. The redacted sections prove the corruption.


Mark Levin believes his former boss Attorney General Ed Meese would have stepped in by now. Levin briefly reviewed the Manafort case in the clip below and wonders why Robert Mueller did nothing about Paul Manafort years ago when he was the FBI director.

The Manafort case is a matter for the Eastern District of Virginia and should have been referred out. Then Flynn was set up, Levin said.

The only reason we have the Special Counsel is to get Trump, he concludes.

Levin accurately states that Mueller’s preparing to subpoena the President. Mueller is a rogue prosecutor and serving unconstitutionally, he added.

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Elizabeth Wharfrat (@Lie_A_Watha)

McCain is unbelievably evil.

Elizabeth Wharfrat (@Lie_A_Watha)

McCain cannot die soon enough. He is the biggest phony ever.

fred chittenden
4 years ago

Hmm.. I’ve said for years the reason the IRS targeting of conservatives was never really challenged by Senate RINOsaurs, is they knew all about it. They could just sit back and have some federal burrOcracy make life difficult for conservative groups. These groups first target is the Senate RINOsaurs. Getting an IRS RINO taxpayer mole to target conservatives with taxpayer bucks was the dirt cheap back stabbing one should expect from McCain, and other in the RINO leadership.

It’s likely that Mitchey boy knew all about this but only enough that he verbally agreed to ‘look the other way’ as part of plausible deniability. If it was otherwise, he’d have push hard to investigate this IRS activity against conservatives… He never moved in that direction… Probably because a serious investigation could end up a circular firing squad with he and McCain in the middle of the circle.

What is coming really clear is anyone who was part of the McCain staff should be black listed as deep state operatives until significantly proven otherwise. NO other Congressional critter should hire them, nor should they have any position in the RNC or any other GOP organization…

Laurent L'Heureux
Laurent L'Heureux
4 years ago

So, once again, where is Sessions? Apparently we’re going to have to wait until the mid term election to appoint an AG that is not AWOL or has recused himself from the job.

4 years ago

Is McCain’s refusal to retire from the Senate due to insurance reasons? I’m sure he’s too good for medicare!

dora jaramillo
4 years ago
Reply to  samswede

That’s all he is good for free benefits from taxpayer, He has never worked outside government handouts. Also became a millionaire isn’t is wonderful !!!!!what a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!