McCain Forgot He Didn’t Withdraw Over His Alleged Scandalous Affair in 2008


Senator John McCain was one of the first Republicans to bash senatorial candidate Judge Roy Moore and demand he resign based on allegations by women Moore says are lying.

We don’t want to repeat the entire story. By now everyone knows about the Roy Moore scandal — alleged scandal. If Moore was inappropriate with underage girls thirty-eight years ago, he should do the right thing and resign, but we have no way of knowing yet if the accusations are true. It’s very possible the story is false given from whence it comes.

The Washington Post released the story and they are fully unreliable. Gloria Allred is a Democrat operative and she is working with one of the accusers. Another accuser is a Democrat campaign worker.

None of these allegations were mentioned in Moore’s five runs for office and his major controversies over the years, but, oddly, it leaked out now, one month from an election. It is important to note that this election could end Trump’s agenda and put Red State Alabama in the hands of a Progressive.

That being said, McCain craves the attention of the left and loves seeking revenge against Donald Trump.

McCain himself has different standards for himself. When he was accused in February 2008 of an illicit affair with lobbyist Vicki Iseman, he should have withdrawn using the standards he has set for Roy Moore.

McCain was caught in contradictions and avoided answering the media’s questions. McCain has and had many deep ties to lobbyists.

The affair with Iseman, if true, was serious. She had business before the Commerce Committee which he chaired. It looked like pay-to-play with him granting favors to a “good friend”.

These are allegations are very serious. It’s more than just a possible sexual encounter — it’s a pay-to-play accusation.

McCain called it a “smear” campaign and did not withdraw.



  1. Is this true? I guess there was a yearbook note with his signature as D.A. I just heard he was Assistant D.A. Now, would an assistant sign as DA. That would be usurping authority.

  2. There are a whole cast of characters in DC and in the media that have convicted Moore because they “feel” the allegations are true. It reminds me of Duke Lacrosse. It’s not reasonable to overturn an election based upon a feeling. A fair & honest person, and a fair & honest nation, do not do that. There are also indications that the charges are false.

  3. Mc Connell spent $30 million on the primary opponent and lost. This is revenge, and he doesn’t care if the democrat wins, as he himself is an undocumented democrat.

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