Blithering Idiots McCain, Graham Rush to Condemn Trump on Immigration Ban


Instead of explaining that the immigration ban is not a Muslim ban and is aimed at protecting Americans, Senator John McCain and his lapdog Lindsey Graham, released a statement railing against the fact that Iraqis were detained temporarily at the airport.

They have no knowledge of how this was handled with various departments because they are completely left out by the administration, yet they are criticizing the way the situation was dealt with. The reality is that every new department head has an agency filled with employees still devoted to Barack Obama and this problem will surface again and again.

These two have to know this is a manufactured crisis funded by leftists like George Soros and still they feel the need to side with Democrats.

They have not supported President Trump on any issue.

The ban is not a Muslim ban and there is no religious test, yet these two have not called out the deception.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) cautioned that the United States does not have a religious test for entry into the country.

He didn’t bother to say the Trump administration’s immigration ban does not have a religious test.

Paul Ryan did far better. He said that while he supports the refu­gee resettlement program, he thinks it is time to “reevaluate and strengthen the visa vetting process.”

“President Trump is right to make sure we are doing everything possible to know exactly who is entering our country,” the speaker said in a statement.

President Trump’s intention is to keep the refugee program going but to go back to the immigration numbers George W. Bush used. He also plans to actually have applicants screened. The current screening is based on an honor system.

As far as McCain is concerned, the only thing he was ever right about was the Surge and that was because of the generals. He is never right.

What do these two stand for? They simply take positions they can slither out of no matter what happens.

President Trump responded to these two directly.

President Trump issued a statement Sunday.

There is an excellent article on National Review explaining the ban you can read on this link. 

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