McCain, Graham Are in Egypt Urging Release of Imprisoned Islamists


McCain and Graham,dumb & dumber 2

Photo of John McCain and Lindsey Graham as Dumb and Dumber

John McCain and Lindsey Graham are in Egypt this week claiming to represent the views of Congress, which includes telling Egypt to release their imprisoned Islamists, Islamists which Egyptians just went to a whole lot of trouble to arrest.

It would save al Qaeda the trouble of breaking them out of prison later.

Egyptians might think McCain and Graham are supporters of Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood dictator wannabe. I know I do.

Graham and McCain also called Egypt’s recent change of government a ‘coup.’

Obama has gone to great lengths to not say it was a ‘coup’ because, by law, it means we can’t financially support the interim Egyptian government.

Egypt’s interim president responded by denouncing ‘foreign pressure.’ I’m with him. I denounce it too, especially from these two has-beens.

Graham and his puppeteer, McCain, want the prisoners released prior to negotiations and then they want to be sure the Muslim Brotherhood is included in the negotiations.

Their main message is that democracy is the only way to lasting stability. McCain wants an end to the violence. I’m sure the Egyptians never thought of that on their own.

I wonder if Egyptians heard the message after Graham and McCain told them to release the Islamists.

Full story at Fox News


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