Globalists McCain and Graham Thinking Like Traitors


Do Senators McCain and Graham actually send out their own tweets or do Soros bots do it for them? They are exactly like the media that get their talking points and then rattle them off like drones.

Look at these tweets.

These two issued a joint statement to embarrass President Trump. They are opposing him on every issue. If they aren’t traitors to the country, they are traitors to the Republican Party.

The left-wing media is repeating it as they know they would.

Even the hard-left Salon benefitted.

The guardian loved it.

McCain, instead of explaining the purpose of the order or getting the general in the next tweet a visa, has decided to further the antagonism. He doesn’t care if generals working with us have the wrong impression if it is politically expedient for him to do so.

Graham and McCain have taken money from Soros Fund Management. Taking anything from Soros should be banned by the Republican platform. McCain has taken funds from Soros since 2001.

John McCain is almost always wrong. He and his puppet Graham wanted to topple al-Assad and look where that got us. Even though Christians were being slaughtered by our so-called allies in Syria, they called for more funding and more arms for the “allies”.

These two continually strive to go to war. Their policies constantly destabilize the Middle East and helped create the refugee crises. Then they want to force the American people to take these refugees.

McCain hides behind his veteran shield to sell out Americans to foreign interests that will ultimately overrun the USA.

Senator McCain’s been bulletproof because of his courage and service as a Prisoner of War in Vietnam. Perhaps it’s time to get passed it.

Not all veterans like John McCain.

Senator McCain has been accused of withholding knowledge of soldiers left behind. Some believe, with some interesting evidence, that the U.S. left soldiers behind when the peace accord was signed with the North Vietnamese in 1973. Furthermore, accusers believe McCain deliberately covered that up.

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Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
7 years ago

Tweedle dumb, tweedle dumber, take your pick which is which.

These two MUST go. Between them, more than 50 years in congress betraying the American people, masquerading as republicans.