McCain Is Hijacking Trump’s Foreign Policy, Buchanan Warns


Pat Buchanan wrote a piece for World Net Daily in which he suggested John McCain is hijacking Donald Trump’s NATO and war. policies He began by referring to McCain calling Senator Paul a Russian hireling for not wanting to ally with Montenegro.

“The senator from Kentucky,” said John McCain, speaking of his colleague Rand Paul, “is working for Vladimir Putin … and I do not say that lightly.”

Buchanan asked what Paul did to deserve that and answered it with an explanation of why it might be a serious mistake to let Montenegro join NATO, adding that it would put us in the position of going to war with Russia over this tiny, corrupt country. Buchanan suggests this is a hijacking of Trump’s foreign policy over NATO and Trump needs to shut it down.

Montenegro sits on the “most volatile peninsula in Europe” and has no “strategic benefit” to the U.S. that would risk our having to go to war to protect its borders, Buchanan wrote.

Historically, he said the Balkans have been an “incubator of war” such that Otto van Bismarck once warned that when the Great War came it would come out of “some damn fool thing in the Balkans,” Buchanan continued. And it did as we all know. World War I began when Austrian Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo June 28, 1914 by a Serbian ethnonationalist.

The western Balkans are once again is embroiled in political turmoil with the former Prime Minister of Montenegro claiming Russia targeted him for assassination to prevent Montenegro’s accession to NATO. Russia denies it.

McCain wants to defend them militarily if Russia invades.

Montenegro, Buchanan said is “awash in corruption and crime, is on the verge of an uprising or coup, why would the U.S. issue a war guarantee that could vault us into a confrontation with Russia – without a full Senate debate?”

Buchanan wants to know why the 99 senators would give out war guarantees to a nation “most Americans could not find on a map.”

He asks, “Is no one besides Sen. Paul asking the relevant questions here?”

Another logical question he asked is why can’t Europe handle this problem in their own backyard?

Buchanan wants to know if President Trump told McCain to intervene, did he approve the expansion of NATO which he has called “obsolete”, or is McCain hijacking the foreign policy on NATO and Russia.

President Trump needs to tell the Senate no more admissions to NATO or war guarantees without his approval.

There are Obama judges hijacking his foreign policy on immigration and we now have McCain hijacking his policy on NATO and war.

Senator Paul responded to McCain’s comments by calling him “unhinged”, adding McCain’s a “case for term limits”.

Paul said only 40% of the people in Montenegro want to join NATO and they are already close to Russia.

If we had allowed Georgia into NATO, we’d be at war already because Russia invaded them. If you’re going to do this, he said, you have to decide in advance if you want to go to war with Russia over it. He simply wanted to debate when McCain blasted him.

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