McCain Invites Democrats to Develop a Healthcare Plan


Senator McCain, who has joined with Democrats against the President on most issues, has come up with a new and dangerous proposal. He has invited Democrats to develop a healthcare bill with him according to CBS News radio Sunday morning.

McCain, who finished 894th in a class of 899 at the Naval Academy at Annapolis and who might have gotten in because his father and grandfather were Admirals, wants to run the presidency. He has little regard for the President and the American people who voted Donald Trump into office.

McCain is the one who wants to fold veterans’ healthcare.

Where was McCain during the healthcare vote? The Russiaphobe was in Brussels chatting up support for global governance and battling Russia.

A day after the Republican healthcare plan went down, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham urged Democrats to join the movement.

“I don’t think that one party’s going to be able to fix this by themselves,” the South Carolina senator said Saturday at a town hall event. “I think the President should reach out to Democrats, I should reach out to Democrats, and we should say, ‘Let’s take a shot at doing this together because it ain’t working doing it by ourselves.'”

If there are two people who should have no involvement in the healthcare discussions, it’s the Progressive Republicans John McCain and his lapdog Lindsey Graham.

The only reason Republicans would do this is because they agree with Democrats more than they agree with Conservatives.

McCain’s daughter, suddenly a healthcare expert, insisted the healthcare bill must be bipartisan.

If you want to know how well Democrats will work with Republicans, you only need to replay Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer’s interview with Wolf Blitzer on Friday. He called Trump incompetent in the strongest terms and then demanded repeal be taken off the table.

Schumer will work with Trump as long as he does what the Democrats say.

In response to Trump’s claim Democrats’ are unwilling to work with Trump on healthcare, he said, “Well it’s a tall tale, another one by President Trump. They never reached out to us, they never talked to us, they never said how can we work together to make it better.”

That is a provable lie.

Schumer demands Trump “lead” and “not to name call, not to blame, but to lead”.

What does he mean by “lead”?

“Take repeal off the table,” he said more than once. “Let him and Speaker Ryan, Mitch McConnell say ‘we’re not repealing’ and we’ll work with them on improving Obamacare. But in the meantime for the president to do things to make Obamacare worse and have millions of people suffer, to make sure it doesn’t work when CBO says it does work, that’s not being president.”

That is how Democrats will be willing to work with Trump.

Keep in mind Obamacare is the Democrats’ fault, no one else’s. The Democrats are audacious if nothing else. McCain and Graham should be out faulting the Democrats for leaving this mess to be cleaned up.


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