McCain Launches All Out Assault on Conservatives Starting With Trump Supporters


John McCain

Well this should go over well. John McCain thinks Trump has “fired up the crazies”. Who does he mean? Every Conservative? Conservatives who like Trump or agree with some of what he says? Who? If anyone likes Trump, they’re crazy?

Sen. McCain has been at war with Conservatives in general and would like to push them out of the Republican party. It’s hard to imagine how Republicans will win elections without 20% of their base.

“It’s very bad,” McCain, told a New Yorker reporter on Monday when he stopped by his Senate office. The Senator is up for re-election in 2016 and is concerned about how the immigration issue is playing in Arizona. He was particularly irritated by Trump’s rally. “This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me,” McCain said. “Because what he did was he fired up the crazies.”

McCain, is a strong supporter of amnesty and what he calls immigration reform. He was a leading force for the Gang of Eight. The New Yorker reporter said McCain has been at war with the far right in Arizona for years. “We have a very extreme element within our Republican Party,” McCain said. He then noted that he was personally censured by Arizona Republicans in January of 2014 and has been fighting to push out the extremists in the state G.O.P. ever since. “We did to some degree regain control of the Party.”

By saying this, he casts a pale over every single Conservative but that is obviously okay with John McCain. He just demonized all Conservatives.

There is no doubt there are crazies and extremists in both parties. In the Democratic party, it’s the Communists and Socialists. Judging from the popularity of radical Socialist Bernie Sanders, the Democrats have more to worry about than the Republicans.

McCain thinks anyone who doesn’t want his liberal and do-nothing policies is a “wacko bird.”

Conservatives have been trying to find a replacement for McCain in Arizona which gives Sen. McCain a personal reason for painting all Conservatives with the same brush.

McCain thinks Republicans regained control from the right and his efforts to silence Conservatives are being thwarted by Trump who he says “really got them activated.”

This does explain one thing. Conservatives think Republicans are spaghetti-spined and useless do-nothings but Republicans think they are merely regaining control from crazies.

McCain then went into his transparent attempts at demonizing Trump as a liberal because he does indeed have a liberal past. McCain, however, is using it to diminish him.

In McCain’s case, he’s still a liberal and he takes at least 12 to 14 other senators with him on every decision in the Senate.

McCain admitted that there is some anger over the open border. He’s very worried Trump will have staying power and will hurt the Republicans.

Trump will definitely hurt RINOs.

McCain wants Lindsey Graham to win.

Graham told CNN on Sunday, “I think [Trump]’s a wrecking ball for the future of the Republican Party with the Hispanic community and we need to push back.” He added that Republicans “need to reject this demagoguery. If we don’t, we will lose and we will deserve to lose.”

The Republicans really believe they will win Hispanic votes by pandering to illegal immigration supporters and amnesty proponents. What will win Hispanics is what will win everyone – a strong jobs program, a well-defended limited government stand, replacing Obamacare, a good economic platform. People could support amnesty if they trusted the government to close the borders and not give amnesty to people who came here yesterday.

The reason his crazy immigration bill didn’t work is because it did nothing to close the borders for years. When Republicans put in amendments to not implement amnesty until after the borders were closed for six months, the Democrats rejected it because they too don’t trust and insist on having it their way. They have that luxury because they have the Hispanic vote for now.

McCain jabbed Rubio and said he backed away from the immigration bill but went on to praise his friend Graham again. Graham seems like a good person but he has no chance of winning.

Trump made mistakes coming out of the gate and his style is too strong for the delicate PCers. When people call him a bully it sticks. Much of what he says is factual and he certainly didn’t mean to paint all Mexicans with the same brush. There is no doubt, however, that many coming over are drug dealers and terrorists. No one will speak honestly about it but he does. There is no question that women and children coming up from Central America are being raped by the cartel members. Huffington Post reported that it’s 80% of them. No one seems to care that we are facilitating this. We won’t even talk about it.

Trump was immediately berated after his rambling announcement speech but how much of it is not true?

Trump is now leading Bush but he comes out very poorly in a matchup with Hillary, though her favorability rating is down to 39% in the latest polls. Trump’s negatives are very high at almost 50%.

There is no question he’s hurting the Republicans who aren’t looking so good anyway.

The left is calling Trump a racist and using him and his distorted words to label the entire Republican party as racist. Al Hunt said he’s a modern day George Wallace because he wants the borders closed. Dana Milbank said he’s a “rotten pig but he’s good for our business.” Others say he’s “crack” for political reporters.

Socialist Paul Krugman called him “a belligerent, loudmouth racist with not an ounce of compassion for less fortunate people. In other words, he’s exactly the kind of person the Republican base consists of and identifies with. It’s clear that the very things that Upper West Side New Yorkers find detestable about him are exactly what endear him to the Republican base, which is basically people who see in him everything — even the big red face and the yelling — that makes him their kind of guy.”


John McCain has just joined the pack. It’s ironic that in criticizing Rubio, he licked his finger and held it up to the air to test the wind. Referring to some song, he said, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

Politicians in general are ineffective wind testers, beholden to special interests. At least Democrats stick together. Republican wind testers try to eat their own.

Hillary is beholden to foreign countries for God’s sake!

I’ve been to Mexico. The people are lovely, the culture is rich and colorful, but anyone who thinks we are getting the best from Mexico, Central America and all the countries around the world really is naive.I’ve worked in the schools and see the programs the children need. After the cartels have had their way with them, they also need serious and expensive mental health intervention.

Many people are coming from Communist countries like China. Does it ever occur to anyone that some of these people could be infiltrators? Do people think China is our friend?

When Trump talks about trade deals, he’s correct. How much do we manufacture here? We have become a service nation that sends business to foreign countries because the foreign countries won’t sell our goods overseas in an equitable fashion. Trump’s right about that.

American politicians have allowed these countries who use slave labor to flood our country with durable goods. It is Trump who is making this part of the conversation. No other Republican has as yet.

I have no idea if Trump would make a good president and absolutely no interest in supporting or not supporting him but I am relieved to know these topics are now being discussed.

No one of reasonable mind wants bigotry, nativism, the elimination of trade but politicians must include us in an honest conversation about these issues because they are screwing up royally. If they worked as hard at free trade and limited government as they do at shutting us all up, they’d be effective. Meanwhile, Republicans are wasting time warring against their own base.





  1. Crazy? The current American Government is the epitome of sociopath crazies. If they think we are going to lay down and accept these terrorist games they have been playing for years, manipulating a happy and content country, dividing and separating every existing American class. We have your number, we know ISIS would not even exist without you and your desperate attempt to terrorize the people with deceiving photos and videos of staged actors.
    Mr. John McCain, I am ashamed I actually voted for you eight years ago. Americans can see through all of you crooked and corrupted politicians, and we want you out! It’s only evident you see the writing on the walls every time Trump speaks. Yes. we Americans are very informed how it feels to lose our jobs, our homes, our families and how much our lives change over someone else’s greed. If we are Crazy, then it is absolutely justified. How dare you call Trumps supporters Crazy, they are much more sane then you politicians could ever imagine.

    • Thank you lyn for posting this great message to the people that are fed up with these rich croonies. They have lead us around by the nose for years but the tide has turned. Thank God Donald has come to help us take back our country. I thank God for sending him to save America.

      • McCain you have been in Congress way to long and your time has come to be OUT. Just like so many others…the government will really know what “Change” really means. We are not going to lie like the person who kept telling us that…it was nothing but horse s**t so get over McCain we are going for Trump and you know what Trump means , well you may not since you are the crazy bunch… I will give you one word defeat

    • Well said, lyn!!
      If McCain would have fought for America 7 years ago, with the same courage he showed as a POW, a military pilot, let America know who Barry Soetoro, Frank Marshall Davis, Derrick Bell, Jeremiah Wright was, how Barry was raised, mentored, saturated in a communist/Marxist environment, would have DEMANDED his college records be unsealed (kept at that like a bulldog and ask why sealed) shouted from the roof top that it was Hillary and Bill who started the ‘birther’ movement, and asked at EVERY OPPORTUNITY, why America needed to be fundamentally changed, pointing out that fundamentally means the foundation, and the foundation of America is the Constitution, 3 Branches of government, checks & balances, a Republic…. Just maybe we would not be in the mess we are in today. But he did not, and we are.

  2. What are you going to do, McCain? Surrender to us until we die?
    and to think I voted for this fruitloop back in 2008. Sorry about that, America.

    • Kurt, I voted for McCain too….actually wanted to vote for “None of the Above”, but they weren’t on the ballot! lol Will definitely NOT be voting for Mccain this time. Maybe I’ll vote for Trump.

  3. Thank you for your service Senator McCain! Your time is over now. Go home and count your money to keep busy. I no longer can respect your views!

  4. Time to support his opponent in 2016. There is an AZ state senator who is planning to unseat him. Let’s all support her and retire him for the good of our country.

  5. Like all the rest who have been in office more then 2 terms need to be voted out. And the ONLY WAY it can be done is through TermLimits.Com Which is working with the people in each state by signing the petition for an Article 5. We need a total of 37 States to do this. And the nice thing is NOT ONE LIFER RINO IN OFFICE CAM DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

  6. Don’t think McCain knew what he was talking about? Trump pulled the UltimatevDumb Ass mistake saying McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was Captured. Then can’t remember which foot he had a bone spur on that kept his ass State side? Yes Trump and his followers are idiots.

    • That was a wrong-headed comment for Trump to make but demonizing people who like him is acceptable? McCain brushed all conservatives with the same brush based on who they like. That’s acceptable?

    • Who cares about Mcains past as a P.O.W.? it has nothing to do with who the guy is ..If we’re the idiots then I feel sorry for allen it must be rough having downs syndrome right? We have thousands of war vets that are dying because of these crazies hell bent on destroying American ,all the trillions spent should of been bigger pay scales for our own people who risk lives to protect the mentally challenged like you but no they get payed a little more than a disabled vets meanwhile bastards are printing money and choking us with control laws putting our great grandchildren in debt with our own money? Yeah we need a Trump card.

  7. You are not a war hero! Yes you were a POW, so were a lot of other men in the Vietnam War. But they all lived quitly. If your father wasn’t high up in rank in the Navy, nobody would ever heard your name!!! Or all the fan fare!!!

  8. I don’t pretend to be as smart as so called politicians and will probably misspell most of the words in my comment,but I have watch Obama shit on America and our constitution but most of all I have seen him outsmart the whole republican base congress and senate and think he has gotten away with more the last 2 years with the republicans owning the congress and senate.remember when we voted that way for that reason,what have any of them done,nothing. at least I know what im getting if I vote for him

  9. Donald Trump is a man of courage and character. Every politician in the last 30 years has been all show and no action. Many flat out liars deceptionists. President Obama being the biggest. If it wasn’t for Sara Palin, John Mc Cain wouldn’t have even been on the ballot.

  10. Anybody who thinks McCain is a liberal is a wacko bird. After all, he gave us Sarah Palin, and we’ve yet to recover from that. McCain is a rightwinger, and to think otherwise is crazy.

    And I’ve yet to hear Bernie Sanders say anything that was wrong. It’s easy to call him names, but if you listen to him, he makes perfect sense. Just listen.

  11. I will admit, as a person I can not stand Trump, nor would I ever want to meet or hang out with him, but he has something no one else does as of now, guts and he refuses to back down and his BS detector is always right. He is the right person for the job at this time in history.

    • I agree Jeff, do not care for Trump, but will support him because he is the only one who has had enough courage, guts to step out, speak the truth, and that is a REFRESHING change. What he said about illegal aliens and criminals has been validated, even in main stream media. He may say some rude things, but what person living in the DC zip code has not. Michelle certainly has, obama has, Nancy P…..won’t even go there…. Reid…lied to congress.. and Hillary….WOW, what a can of worms to open up there. He does not back track like the PC police demand people do. He knows how to negotiate and no doubt he genuinely loves America.

  12. McCain, how DARE you say anything against those conservatives who support Trump, he is being supported because FINALLY someone is being brave enough to stand up to the establishment, which you are part of. Thank-you for your service to our country, you were dedicated, had courage as a pilot, spent horrible years in a prison and did not give in to the enemy. You used your military experience to get elected, then DID NOT show the same courage to fight for America as a senator. You have NOT shown the same courage to fight against illegal immigration, Obama care, so many other issues destroying the America you fought to defend when you were in the military, does the term “Rhino” have any meaning to you, you have turned your back against conservative America, not fighting the enemy. You were a good soldier, failed as a politician. Retire, go home, you have no fight left in you and no right to criticize those of us who do.

  13. The Republican establishment is long over due for a thorough purging and realignment with conservative constitutionally based values: economic, political, social and moral. If Trump is willing to stand his ground to see that task through to completion then I’m standing with him. Rubio, Christie and several others of the bloated field have already demonstrated their willingness to sell out America for political gain. Keep it up Donald. You go guy! !

  14. If you want people to go to your website and read your articles then you can’t cover the articles up with ads

    • Hi Brenda, I am having a problem with ads bleeding over into articles. Is that what you mean? I have it being looked at next week. Sorry about that.

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