McCain, Pelosi, Schumer Globalists vs Trump Nationalists


Pick your side! The clearest picture yet of what President Trump is fighting for came out of the G7.  It was Nationalist Trump versus Globalists personified by the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The President is not battling for isolation as some say, he’s setting our place in the world once again. It is America First instead of America Last.

The events after the G7 triggered by Justin Trudeau provide a valuable lesson. Trudeau, for example, wants to keep charging 270 percent tariffs on dairy products while we place none on their goods. We have huge trade deficits everywhere you look, China being the worst, and the globalists expect us to keep doing it until we cease to exist as a power.


Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the House and Senate Minority Leaders respectively, wasted no time blaming Donald Trump for the comments made by Trudeau after the G7 and for his reaction to them. They condemned our President as he was trying to get a better trade deal since we have a trade deficit with all of our key partners. One Democrat didn’t agree and stood up for the President.

Surprisingly, Illinois Democratic Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi agreed with President Trump’s take on who was to blame for yesterday’s debacle.

“While I have serious concerns about President Trump’s approach to trade talks with Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau has placed our trade relationship with Canada at risk by publicly feuding with President Trump on the world stage,” Krishnamoorthi said in a statement posted on his website.

The Democratic congressman said Trudeau is “sabotaging” world leaders instead of coming to a consensus on trade.

Trudeau tried to humiliate Trump after the President took off for Singapore to discuss peace with North Korea. After the President agreed to sign the G7’s socialist creed, Trudeau embarrassed the President while he was about to engage in a truly important mission of peace. Trudeau was hoping to look tough and gain political favor. That’s low.

Larry Kudlow, the director of the National Economic Council, who actually negotiated the G7 agreement — dubbed a communique — said they were “stabbed in the back”.


Globalist Senator John McCain tweeted to our allies: “bipartisan majorities of Americans remain pro-free trade, pro-globalization & supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values. Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn’t. in a tweet: “To our allies: bipartisan majorities of Americans remain pro-free trade, pro-globalization & supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values. Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn’t.”

The senator is a globalist like Pelosi and Schumer who sees America First as a sin against humanity. He and they want us to be cogs in the global wheel. The globalists don’t believe as Trump does in the idea of American Exceptionalism and in conserving principles. These people are the elitists who want global power and control.


The G7 fiasco brought the clash to the fore. It is one of American Nationalism against Globalism. The globalists will call it protectionism but if wanting truly free trade or leveling the playing field on trade is protectionism, so be it. For decades, the USA has gotten the raw deal and we see the results in our outsourced jobs and depressed wages. There are other reasons but selling out our manufacturing and other industries to foreigners is one of them.

Trump challenged the other members of the G7 with the idea of free trade, no tariffs and no subsidies. It’s doubtful they can think along those lines because of their ideologies.

Assistant to the President Peter Navarro went nuclear on Trudeau. After Trudeau made his offensive comments, while still in the air aboard Air Force One, Donald Trump cancelled his agreement to the communique. He had to do it or look very weak before the North Koreans.

Navarro called the communique a “Socialist” agreement which it appears to be and said “there’s a special place in Hell” for any leader who engages in bad faith diplomacy.


The United States has long felt obliged to fill the coffers of other nations but we have a $20 trillion deficit and it’s time to bring back some of the money to our U.S. workers.

As Trump put it, “the U.S. is like a piggy bank that everybody is robbing”.

Trudeau’s actions were especially egregious considering the fact that President Trump was en route to Singapore to negotiate a truly important peace agreement.

What’s wrong with protecting America’s sovereignty and values from the world’s vultures? Trudeau did stab us — Trump is us — in the back.

The world elites, the Socialists, the Globalists, want a strong UN, World Court and EU in order to rule politically and financially. They hope to redistribute the wealth of the worlds’ successful nations to those run by thugs and dictators and who rule over failed governments. It is the globalists’ ultimate goal to pick the winners and losers.

Globalists want a New World Order, a centralized world, with them in charge because they are superior and know better. We can’t have an American perspective, we must have a “world view”.  What they mean is we can’t have both.

America First is not isolationism or protectionism, it is free and fair trade. Yes, it’s scary to have an imperfect leader who thinks out of the box, but understand what he is doing. Don’t listen to the propagandists. A healthy America does benefit the world. We are not the evil.


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