McCain Prepares to Betray Republicans Over Obamacare



Photo of The Three, McRINO, McDonough, Schumer

John McCain is preparing to betray the Republican Party yet again over the upcoming spending bill. Americans have one last opportunity to defund Obamacare in the next spending bill, but McCain is cutting deals to eliminate that possibility.

Anyone who read McCain’s recent immigration bill knows it was written in the White House by people like LaRaza advocate, Cecilia Munoz. McCain not only pushed it through, he used Marco Rubio as his pawn to sell it as an alleged conservative bill.

McCain was recently praised by the far-left MoveOn organization for supporting background checks after a MoveOn member talked him into it.

He is flirting with the left yet again. Actually, he is in bed with them.

Politico said that according to Barack Obama, McCain is The One, meaning the the one who will cut deals with the left.

Republicans call him one of The Two. Chuck Schumer, NY political hack, is the other half of the duo. They work closely with Denis McDonough, White House chief of staff, “to get things done,” Politico says.

For example, The Three, as we like to call them here at the Sentinel, came up with the immigration bill – now that’s a deal! Politico admits yet again that the bill was written by the White House as Barack Obama claimed.

Together, these three avoided the nuclear option for confirming presidential nominees. The result is one far-left candidate after another is receiving Senate approval.

The next battle McCain is preparing for is over the spending bill coming up at the end of September.

Mike Lee of Utah has rightfully said that defunding Obamacare in this spending bill will be a last chance to stop Obamacare. It is the only part of the spending bill Republicans want to stop.

Barack Obama, not the Republicans, will force a government shutdown before he will allow the defunding of Obamacare. McCain is propagandizing that aspect and beginning to insinuate that Republicans would be to blame.

Fifty-eight percent of the American people want Obamacare – the train wreck – repealed. Even unions are now complaining.

McCain working with the White House is very problematic for Republicans because he can get the usual RINOs to follow. Graham, Corker, Alexander and possibly 7 other senators will follow McCain as he cuts far-left deals on Obamacare and who knows what else.

Politico, which is a far-left news site, is praising McCain as a maverick. That should tell us something.

McDonough, the president’s wheel man, is also being praised by Politico for the respect he commands in the Senate. Is it respect? Really?

Politico believes that McCain’s incentive in working with the far-left is a chance to end his career as a deal maker. Perhaps it’s time for McCain to end his career as a Democrat.


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