McCain Sides with Foreign Leaders, Viciously Slams Trump


Senator John McCain is battling terminal cancer and is wasting his last days betraying Americans because of his hatred for Donald Trump. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have gotten over the fact that he is not the President.

From his home in Arizona, he slammed the tariffs Trump placed on China and Canada, two countries who slap large tariffs on U.S. goods while we sit idly by and suffer abuse. No one in leadership seems concerned that it is a one-way street except President Trump.

Senator McCain tweeted DURING the G7 Summit: “To our allies: bipartisan majorities of Americans remain pro-free trade, pro-globalization and supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values. Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn’t.”

McCain’s betrayal knows no bounds as he attempts to weaken the President. This is while Trump is trying to negotiate a better deal for America, something McCain obviously doesn’t want. He is supporting the foreigner leaders who are charging exorbitant tariffs on our goods while we have charged none.

Furthermore, he does not speak for all Americans. Also, the senator does not set U.S. trade policy and he needs to shut up.


Jobs are being outsourced and wages for U.S. workers are depressed. Trump is trying to do something about it and globalist McCain wants to shut that effort down. His slam at Trump was meant to cut him off at the knees.

McCain is reacting to the tariffs the President will place on Canada and China, two trade partners with whom we have maintained a trade deficit for over a decade.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Chinese President Xi Jinping responded by imposing retaliatory tariffs. A trade war is a risk but Trump is thinking out of the box and attempting to remedy a situation that outsources our jobs and keeps our workers wages depressed. It’s one of our many gifts to the world at our workers expense.

McCain, who, after 36 years of ‘service’, is the poster boy for term limits, told the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper earlier this year that American leadership was better under Barack Obama than under President Trump. He’s not a Republican and he has no loyalty to Americans.

It is not free trade when one nation charges tariffs and their partner does not. It’s absurd. We should charge whatever our trading partners charge or we should all allow free trade.

Upon his early departure, Trump challenged the G7 to tariff-free trade. That is not what our allies want. They want to keep their higher tariffs at our expense.



  1. If McCain can be so active on Twitter then why doesn’t he do his job in the Senate.

    There will be a lot of eggs on faces it all this works out for the better of the country. Then ALL these naysayers will look devoutly stupid. A wise person would wait until he fails, as they wholeheartedly believe, and with ammunition in hand really go after Trump’s methods and results. Since they aren’t that wise they increasingly look petulantly petty.

  2. Lets see, paris climate accord, Trump said no thanks, G-7 no more robbing us, tells Iran to shove it on Obamas nuke deal, moves U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, I think Kim Jung Un is getting the message Trump means business, McCain, the people put this guy in the White House because their tired of all the blabber do nothing mouths like you in D.C., he said AMERICA first and people are seeing he means it!!!!!!! even Mitt Romney is waking up, Mitt Romney on Thursday night predicted that Trump would “easily” win his party’s presidential nomination in 2020 and “solidly” win a second term.

  3. Its unfortunate that mccain will be remembered for his final days, but his past is riddled with many bad things hes said and done as well. His military days are filled with badness as well. Many remember he was a POW, but he also killed many of his own because of his hot head impatience, when he released a bomb on the deck of an aircraft carrier, because he was mad about being delayed takeoff. That bomb cost many lives in the following fires and explosions, and it cost many millions of dollars in damage to the ship and other planes on deck. Some maverick…a name he gave himself. he shared an important role in the fake dosier against trump, a soft coup attempt in an attempt to get hillary in. Makes you wonder what he was getting for his acts against not only trump, but america.
    Term limits need to be imposed, all these career politicians are on a different page in history, than the american people, and need to be replaced.

  4. dear lord i pray for every person who is or has battled cancer as i wouldnt wish anyone to be subjected to this disease, so dear lord could you hit john mccain with a bolt of lightning and do us all a solid . thank you in advance

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