McCain the Vengeful Wrote a ‘No-Holds-Barred’ Book Trashing Trump et al


Senator John McCain is writing a book that conservatives and libertarians will not like. Trump supporters will not like it. The left will like it if they read it. It’s hard to imagine it becoming a best seller.

Since his last election, John McCain has abandoned any pretense of being a conservative, although he repeatedly ran as one. While President Trump insulted his military service and that was wrong, the Arizona senator should have gotten past that for the sake of the country. It seems he hasn’t, or perhaps he hates the right-wing, conservatives and Libertarians even more than he hates the President.

McCain condemns every single thing the President does and has even traveled from country-to-country bashing him. President Trump has been very tough on Russia, yet McCain spreads the left-wing’s false narrative that he is weak on Russia and is in collusion with them.

McCain will likely double down on his attacks in his book.

His publisher says Senator John McCain is “releasing a ‘no-holds-barred’ memoir in May that includes his thoughts on Washington under President Trump.”

McCain’s book is titled The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations. It begins with his experiences and thoughts from 2008 and ends with Russia and “current developments.”

Since he is already ‘no-holds-barred’, we don’t need to guess as to what is in it, but if he thinks he hasn’t been ‘no-holds-barred’, God help Trump and God help anyone on the right. We are all targets.

President Trump’s first year has been more right-wing than even Reagan’s according to Heritage, but McCain has abandoned the right.

McCain’s publisher writes:

“McCain shares his experiences during the divisive 2016 election and his no-holds-barred opinions on the current developments coming out of Washington. He also discusses the vital challenges from abroad: Russia, NATO, the campaign to defeat [the Islamic State], our ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, among others.

Left-Wingers Will Like It

The left only likes McCain when they can use him to trash their political opponents or their issues. McCain is always a great source for that.

NY Times’ David Brooks likes it and that can’t be good. Brooks starts out, “It turns out that John McCain’s most important service to American democracy was not rendered in a P.O.W. camp in Vietnam. It’s being rendered right now in the U.S. Senate.”

Will someone explain to these people that we are not a ‘democracy’ per se, we are a Republic! And of course, a left-winger like Brooks would like a book that trashes the right-wing leader and his followers.

He won’t only talk about Trump apparently but whatever he does to destroy Trump, destroys the right as well. We’re all ‘wacko-birds’ in McCain’s mind.

McCain has defied Trump on every right-wing issue except the tax cuts. He voted for Obamacare after promising his own voters he would vote against it. Such is his vengeful nature.

This is who he likes:

This is the man who told a far-left overseas newspaper, the Guardian, that Barack Obama provided better leadership for America than Trump.

The Guardian, in a long-running hit piece on Trump included quotes from those who didn’t like Trump’s tweets. They asked McCain what he thought.  They wanted to know if America’s standing in the global arena was better under Obama.

“As far as American leadership is concerned, yes,” he said.

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