McCain Wants War!



Photo of Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain will not vote for the resolution on Syria which is currently before the Senate because he wants it to include a strategy for defeating Assad in Syria.

The Senate draft resolution drawn up by Senators Menenedez and Corker puts a 90-day limit on the Syrian strike and calls for limited action to address Assad’s use of chemical weapons only.

McCain won’t support ‘limited’ action. He wants to intervene in the civil war, tilting it in favor of the rebels, though he has rejected the idea of boots on the ground. He believes we could destroy Assad’s air power relatively unscathed.

The resolution is being discussed in the Senate Wednesday. Many believe that we either go in hard or don’t go in at all. A small warning is all Mr. Obama wants. It will send the message that the US is weak and feckless. Assad will come out looking good after a limited strike.

Syrian rebels said if the US doesn’t come in hard, it won’t be worth it because of the retaliation they will face.

The UK believes Assad has engaged in at least 14 chemical attacks.

There is no clear military goal at this time. Mr. Obama has said that he has no intention of deposing Bashar Al-Assad. Mr. Obama’s policy is erratic and incoherent on a good day.

Fox News has more details.


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