McCain’s Final Shot at the President from the Grave


McCain’s farewell message to the nation was read aloud in Phoenix on Monday afternoon by Rick Davis, a former campaign manager for McCain.

It was his final shot at the President’s agenda.

“We weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that have sown resentment and hatred and violence in all corners of the globe,” McCain said in a farewell statement he penned taking a shot at Trump.

“We weaken it when we hide behind walls, rather than tear them down, when we doubt the power of our ideas rather than trust them to be the great force for change they have always been,” Davis continued as he held back tears.

“We are 325 million opinionated, vociferous individuals. We are argue and compete and sometimes even vilify each other in our raucous public debates. But we have always had so much more in common with each other than in disagreement.

McCain, 81, served in Congress for over three decades and was a never Trumper. The President and McCain had a long history of not getting along.

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