McCain’s Last Days of Revenge Meet a Bad Internal WH Joke


During a private, internal White House meeting, a day after Senator McCain announced his opposition to President Trump’s nominee for CIA director, Gina Haspel, aide Kelly Sadler made an unfortunate and unfunny joke. Someone decided to leak it.

“It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway,” Sadler reportedly said, according to anonymous White House leakers. McCain, 81, is suffering from terminal brain cancer.

McCain is actually faring much better, friends and family say. His health has improved.

The White House did not deny the comment by Sadler, but complimented Senator McCain’s service to the nation.

The White House needs to give lie detector tests to everyone at that meeting and find out who leaked. Why would someone leak it? To get rid of Kelly Sadler? If so, why? The focus of her job is illegal immigration.

McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain, snapped back at Sadler on Twitter, writing: “May I remind you my husband has a family, 7 children and 5 grandchildren.” Daughter Meghan used her platform on The View to trash Sadler.

Sadler called Meghan McCain and tried to apologize but she said “it didn’t go well”.

The social media left is demanding she be fired.

Getting even is the name of the game.

A veterans groups accidentally sent out an email about McCain’s passing this week. Maybe the person who accidentally sent it out needs to be fired. Heck, let’s fire everyone in the organization.

John McCain Wants to Bash Others Without Accountability

The grudge-holding Arizona senator has been wasting his last days on earth denigrating people and settling scores. He insulted his former running mate in his new book.

He wrote in his memoir that he was sorry he picked Sarah Palin and not Joe Lieberman as his running mate.

McCain is completely unaware of the fact that he would have lost far more votes with Lieberman. Few conservatives would have voted for him.

It’s ironic that he has taken this approach since McCain joined the chorus of voices claiming Trump wasn’t a real Republican.

The NY Times endorsed John McCain for President and he honestly believed they supported him. He likely believes Democrats would have been there for him if he had chosen Lieberman, who at the time, was on the outs with the Democrats and had to run for office as an Independent.

Former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin says hearing that Senator McCain now regrets choosing her as his 2008 running mate is “like a perpetual gut-punch” every time she hears about it.

Palin said that he told her the opposite, and, since the election, has repeatedly apologized for the treatment she received from the Republican Party. She will “choose to remember the good times” with him, she said.

The Divisive Funeral Arrangements

McCain is using his memoir to divide the country even further by trashing the President and others with whom he has battled. He has even used his funeral to control events after he dies. Donald Trump can’t come but Barack Obama can give a eulogy, along with the now quite liberal George W.

Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah said he wanted fellow Republican John McCain to invite President Donald Trump to his funeral.

He thought it “ridiculous” that the Arizona Republican has asked Vice President Mike Pence to attend his funeral in place of Trump.

Hatch’s remarks were reported by Politico, who was then lambasted. He quickly took it back and said he “spoke out of turn.”

This final revenge spree McCain is on is absolutely ridiculous. Dictators often go to these state funerals if that is what it ends up being.


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