McCarthy picks 3 Republicans to represent Trump in Senate impeachment trial


During an interview on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced the names of the three Republicans he would choose to represent Trump in the Senate impeachment trial. They sound great to us!

He would choose Republican Representatives Jim Jordan of Ohio, Doug Collins of Georgia, and John Ratcliffe of Texas.

“These are individuals I would actually pull in at the White House,” McCarthy said. “You want people that have been through this, understand it, been in the hearings even when they were in the basement.”

They are also brilliant and tough adversaries, having played key roles in getting the truth out in the House hearings.

Speaker Pelosi is trying to force the Senate to abide by her will and she is using the articles of impeachment as her leverage — she might not send them up.

She’s wasting tax dollars, and has spent over $3 million so far on the impeachment — with more to come! It’s likely more as Trending Politics reported.

The House Democrats’ lawyer, Douglas Letter, is threatening more impeachment articles. It seems absurd, but who would put it past them.

No matter what they do to Trump, his support holds firm or goes up. USA Today has Trump leading all Democrats in the polls. Rasmussen has him at 48% approval today, despite 24/7 negative coverage. His polls are slightly better than Barack Obama’s were at the same point in time.

Meanwhile, the President has been racking up the wins this week, ignoring Democrats’ constant effort to unseat him — which began before he was sworn into office.



    • Your a Democratic Snowflake, just let them go ahead and waste our money, you need your head examined!!!! He will win in 2020. Go live in a socialSoc Country and see how you like it.

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