McCarthyism: John McCain Gave Fake News Dossier on Trump to FBI


The 35-page report of unverified and salacious business and personal information on Donald Trump were given to the FBI by John McCain.

John McCain Is an Innocent Bystander

The fake news published by Buzzfeed claims Trump’s team coordinated with the Russian government to defeat Hillary Clinton.

The report, we were originally told, was put together by some guy who works for a security company in London who might have been a former British intelligence agent. It might have been a former UK ambassador named Christopher Steele. The report was requested by anti-trumper Republicans according to recent reports.

John McCain now admits he is the one who received the 35-page report and felt he needed to hand it off to the FBI.

We really have to worry about these Republicans though McCain has plausible deniability in this case.

McCain said passing the report along was the extent of his involvement.

“Late last year, I received sensitive information that has since been made public,” McCain said. “Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment about their accuracy, I delivered the information to the director of the FBI. That has been the extent of my contact with the FBI or any other government agency regarding this issue.”

The Washington Examiner tells us that a foreign contact of McCain’s passed along the report detailing alleged compromising information the Russian government has on Trump.

The report alleged members of the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russian government in order to defeat Clinton in the election, including meetings of high-level Trump officials with Russian intelligence officers. The report also alleged the Russian government has compromising material on Trump, The Examiner states.

It Was Passed Along by a Former British Ambassador?

The Daily Mail writes, Carl Bernstein, the Watergate reporter who contributed to the first story about its existence, suggested that McCain was handed it by a former British ambassador to Moscow.

Bernstein wrote:

‘It came from a former British MI6 agent who was hired from a political opposition research firm in Washington who was doing work about Donald Trump for both Republican and Democratic candidates opposed to Trump.

‘They were looking at Trumps business ties, they saw some questionable things about Russians, about his businesses in Russia, they in turn hired this MI6 former investigator, he then came up with additional information from his Russian sources, he was very concerned by the implications of it, he then took it to an FBI colleague that he had known in his undercover work for years, he took it to this FBI man in Rome who turned it over to the bureau in Washington in August.

‘And then, a former British ambassador to Russia independently was made aware of these findings and he took the information to John McCain – Senator John McCain of Arizona – in the period just after the election, and showed it to McCain – additional findings.

‘McCain was sufficiently disturbed by what he read to take it to FBI director James Comey himself personally, they had a five minute meeting the two men, very little was said, McCain turned it over to him and is now awaiting what the FBI’s response is to that information.’

The identity of the former British ambassador has not been disclosed, however, only one former British ambassador to Washington remains in UK government service, Sir Tim Barrow, who went on to be Foreign Office political director and is now Britain’s ambassador to the European Union. The Arizona senator said at the time: ‘”Donald Trump’s behavior… concluding with the disclosure of his demeaning comments about women and his boasts about sexual assaults, make it impossible to continue to offer even conditional support for his candidacy.’


Does anyone really believe the Trumps, Kellyanne Conway Reince Priebus would be involved in this?

President-elect Donald Trump warned Buzzfeed that they would suffer the consequences for posting a fake news story and harshly criticized CNN for blowing it up. Buzzfeed, he said, is “garbage” and CNN is “fake news”.  He needs to add John McCain to that list.

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