McCarthyite Will & Grace stars add lying to their blacklisting proposal


It is bad enough the Will & Grace stars Debra Messing and Eric McCormack wanted a list of Hollywood celebrities attending a fundraiser for the President so they could keep them from getting jobs in Hollywood, but now they are lying about the blacklisting they promoted online.


It began when Eric McCormack sent this out (and it’s still up):

Then Messing added to it (we kept a response to her so you can see someone responding logically):

A number of actors called for them to retract the statements because they remember the McCarthy era when stars, celebrities, business people, politicians, and many others were banned and had their lives ruined in many cases. (Actually, many of us feel this is going on in Hollywood and elsewhere right now, and they just don’t talk about it).

Whoopi condemned it on The View yesterday and said you can disagree but you don’t blacklist people because you don’t agree with their politics.

The two then tried to backpedal with lies.

He posted this after he clearly said he didn’t want to work with them. They are both liars.

Liars and fascists. Isn’t that nice



  1. Has anyone noticed that the Hellywooders that are ALREADY $uccesful are the ones that are the loudest? The ones that are still trying to scratch out a living in that hell hole that typically lay low;) I for one haven’t been in a theatre in twenty years and will never give them a dime.

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