McConnell Might Join Dems on an OCare Welfare Plan Rather Than Repeal, Replace


Congress is so useless, it defies all logic. There are no words to describe just how ineffective they are. It doesn’t matter who is in charge apparently. They couldn’t even pass Kate’s Law. Congress won’t agree that vicious felons who are deported over and over should go to jail to protect the innocents in this country. If they can’t agree on that, they certainly won’t agree on fulfilling an eight-year promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Congress can’t come to an agreement on Obamacare, even as it fails and people are left without insurance. Republican promises of repeal and replace were apparently a lie. Since they’ve had the power to do it, they haven’t.

The senators are angry with Ted Cruz for saying he wants them to do what they promised or at least something closely resembling what they promised.

Gutless McConnell

Mitch McConnell’s answer to that is to side with Democrats. He’d rather do that than do anything close to repeal and replace.

While it might be too late to repeal and replace since too many people are on the dole, the solution McConnell is coming up with is terrible. Congress is looking to keep and fix the horrendous bill created by the Democrats.

McConnell said Thursday that if the Republicans are unable to repeal and replace Obamacare, Congress will have to pass a more limited bill “to shore up health insurance markets.”

Speaking at a Rotary Club luncheon in Glasgow, KY, McConnell said, “If my side is unable to agree on an adequate replacement, then some kind of action with regard to the private health insurance market must occur. No action is not an alternative. … We’ve got the insurance markets imploding all over the country, including in this state.”

How about summoning up some courage and do some of what you promised Mitch?

McConnell will have to work with Chuck Schumer who wants more OCare welfare

Politico reported that McConnell will have to work with Democrats to pass a fix. He’ll have to work with the absolutely awful Chuck Schumer. You can imagine what a plan by this guy would look like.

If McConnell thinks this will scare conservatives into caving, he’s likely wrong. He’ll see the opposite take place.

Politico reported: The remarks could be aimed at Senate conservatives, who argue the bill doesn’t repeal enough of the health care law and contend that Republican leaders are turning their back on their eight-year-old campaign pledge to do away with the Affordable Care Act. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) have proposed an amendment to allow insurance companies that sell Obamacare plans to also sell non-Obamacare plans, an idea that health care experts say would tank the markets.

McConnell has no ability to negotiate a deal of any kind. He bullies his own side and caves to the Democrats. Maybe that’s where his heart lies.

Chuck Schumer, said, alarmingly:

“It’s encouraging that Sen. McConnell today acknowledged that the issues with the exchanges are fixable, and opened the door to bipartisan solutions to improve our health care system.”

“As we’ve said time and time again, Democrats are eager to work with Republicans to stabilize the markets and improve the law. At the top of the list should be ensuring cost-sharing payments are permanent, which will protect health care for millions.”

So-called cost-sharing subsidies is another permanent welfare program and another burdensome tax on producers to fund the non-producers. What a win that would be for Schumer. Who won the election again?

McConnell, get some balls.

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