McConnell & Senate GOP respond to Dems’ letter threatening SCOTUS


Democrats sent the Supreme Court a letter threatening them with retribution if they began overturning political laws, like gun control laws in New York. When they’re not talking about stacking the court, they’re threatening people. God help us if these lawless Democrats get back into office. They’ve made it clear that they will decimate the Constitution.

Politico reported that the Senate majority leader and 52 GOP colleagues sent a letter to the Supreme Court on Thursday pushing back against a Democratic amicus brief urging the court not to take up “political ‘projects” like a new challenge to New York City’s gun laws.

That threatening letter was led by Sheldon Whitehouse and five other Democrats. Whitehouse is the person who wants to imprison climate doubters and any CEOs of EXXON Mobil.

They ended their letter by suggesting that voters may eventually demand the Supreme Court be “restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics” if it continues on its current course.

The media hasn’t paid an ounce of attention to this story of lawlessness. They aren’t outraged by the threats.

McConnell and the Senate GOP appropriately responded in a letter saying the effort “openly threatened this court with political retribution if it failed to dismiss the [New York] petition as moot.”

“The implication is as plain as day: Dismiss this case, or we’ll pack the court,” the Republicans wrote in the letter, first reported by the Washington Post, adding that they would fight against any restructuring plans.

“We share Justice Ginsburg’s view that ‘nine seems to be a good number,’ they said. “And it will remain that way as long as we are here.”

Politico, with their usual bias, headlined the article, “Mitch McConnell is at war with Senate Democrats over the Supreme Court all over again.”

The Senate is at war with the Constitution. This is 1984 language and distortion. It’s truly Orwellian. These people are sick, morally sick and dishonest.

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