McConnell’s Plans for Donald Trump Will Destroy the Republican Party



The New York Times claims Mitch McConnell has a plan to break with Donald Trump should he become the party’s nominee. Personally, I trust nothing from the New York Times, I think the left is desperate and will do anything, but we report, you decide.

Leaders of the GOP don’t believe he can win in a general election and will take the rest of the party down with him, the Times reports.

According to The Times, resistance to Trump “runs deep,” and a “desperate” behind-the-scenes “mission to save the party” from the real estate tycoon stalled out. As a result, “two campaigns have drafted plans to overtake Mr. Trump in a brokered convention.”

The newspaper said the effort to “unite warring candidates behind one failed spectacularly.”

An overture from Senator Marco Rubio to Mr. Christie angered and insulted the governor. An unsubtle appeal from Mitt Romney to John Kasich, about the party’s need to consolidate behind one rival to Mr. Trump, fell on deaf ears.

They’ve allegedly been disappointed in Kasich’s performance.

“He’s just flailing his arms around and having a wonderful time going around the country, and it just drives me up the wall,” a senior Republican senator said, according to The Times.

Several senator said McConnell was “especially vocal” about how Kasich was being irrational.

If Trump is the nominee, McConnell allegedly has told Senate colleagues, “We’ll drop him like a hot rock.”

And he may treat Trump’s loss in the general as a given, allowing senators to distance themselves from the candidate and run negative ads against him.

McConnell is willing to let Hillary win to save the Senate for Republicans. While McConnell hasn’t given up on Rubio winning, he’s preparing the party for Trump.

If this is true, he just assured there will be a Trump victory. McConnell is not trusted by Conservatives and he is capable of doing exactly this.

McConnell and his establishment friends will lose it all if they try this.

Personally I don’t believe it on face value. The New York Times has put out three articles in one day to divide conservatives. It’s all too suspicious.

Who cares what GOP elites think anyway? Vote your conscience!

CBS News Super Tuesday Polls
Virginia: Clinton 59, Sanders 39
VA: Trump 40, Rubio 27, Cruz 22
Georgia: Clinton 63, Sanders 35
GA: Trump 40, Cruz 29, Rubio 22
Texas: Clinton 61, Sanders 37
TX: Cruz 42, Trump 31, Rubio19

Source: New York Times

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6 years ago

Stoopid keyboard – McConnell is NEITHER conservative Not conservative.

6 years ago

Mitch McConnell needs to go home. He is trustworthy nor conservative.

6 years ago

Mitch Magoo Trump is the GOP nominee and he is going to toast you, your dog and pony show is over magoo, check in to your nearest retirement home, your done!!!!!