McMaster Said to Favor the Iran Deal, Blocked Opposing Reports from the President


Caveat: These reports have not been confirmed by named sources.

Sara Carter, a reporter for Circa News, and Caroline Glick, a fellow for mid-East policy at The Center for Security Policy and editor of the Jerusalem Post, discussed the latest breaking news out today. First a letter leaked indicating that H.R. McMaster okayed the continuance of Susan Rice’s Top Secret security clearance, and, secondly, McMaster allegedly supports the Iran deal.

McMaster was recommended for the National Security Council by Senator John McCain, a neverTrumper. Allegedly, it was while the President was under tremendous pressure over General Flynn’s dismissal. Caroline Glick said McMaster’s hiring was based on a half-hour conversation between Trump and McMaster at Mar-a-Lago.

Ms. Glick in a post on Facebook last night said that McMaster is reported to be deeply hostile towards Israel and even banned Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu from accompanying President Trump to the Western Wall. It is said that he constantly refers to Israel as the occupying power and insists falsely and constantly that a country named Palestine existed where Israel is located until 1948 when it was destroyed by the Jews, Glick wrote.

Caroline Glick told Hannity that it is possible McMaster favors the Iran deal that allows the Mullahs to acquire nuclear weapons. McMaster is alleged to have told the President there is no path to exiting the Iran deal, and, at the same time, he blocked from President Trump Col. Harvey’s comprehensive plan to exit the deal. Then he fired the Colonel.

Ms. Glick said that Obama signed five side deals to the Iran deal that no one is allowed to see, including Congress. President Trump has not been allowed to see them. Obama had the information transferred to the Obama library. The State Department has copies but they are not sharing it with the White House.

President Trump has to re-certify the Iran deal every 90 days but how can he do it intelligently if he doesn’t know what is in the side deals?

If you don’t believe this chaos is coming from the deep state, ask yourself if these types of  extensive leaks, unmasking and general lack of regard for the President are the types of things that have ever happened before.

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