MD Rep Donna Edwards Says Police Are Responsible for Baltimore Riots


The police are doing too much policing which is why the criminals in Baltimore burned stores and cars and stole everything in sight.

Rep. Donna Edwards, in an appearance on Fox News Sunday, said the recent unrest in Baltimore is due to “overpolicing”. She’s running for retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s seat in Maryland. That should get her the votes she needs!

This is what she said:

“I would say there is over-policing going on, not just in Baltimore but really across this country, and it is something we have to evaluate as a matter of public policy,” said Ms. Edwards, Maryland Democrat.

“What it means is that if you have communities where the only face of government is law enforcement, it’s not investment in their schools, it’s not investment in their communities, in economic development, it’s law enforcement. And that’s not not the fault of police. That’s the fault of policymakers who are making decisions about where their priorities are,” she said.

What is she talking about? The investments – taxes – are coming from the people through the government in the form of welfare, food stamps, garbage collection, schools, road work, and on and on. All one sees these days is government. More than $1.8 billion has been poured into Baltimore alone over the last five years.

It was clear that the Baltimore riots were due to criminals taking advantage of the situation and had nothing to do with the police. People who can blame this criminal activity on police are putting their hate in the wrong place. They need to look at the politicians, especially the Democratic ones.


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