Meadows’ Confidential Plan to Counter Dem Attacks, STOLEN & LEAKED!


Someone, undoubtedly a Democrat, stole Rep. Mark Meadows’ plan to counter the planned attacks of Trump and other Republicans by the Democrats. They gave the report to Bloomberg. Every page is marked ‘CONFIDENTIAL’. No one seems to care that it is stolen, confidential material. Bloomberg certainly didn’t.

The report features one section titled, “Investigations — My Plan to Counter”.

Meadows wrote on the first page, “confident that with the right team and member engagement, our conference will be able to tactically play the Democrats’ politicized activities to our advantage.”

Rep. Meadows was vying for the leadership of the minority in the House Oversight Committee when he produced the document.

He added, “I believe I can position the committee as an effective platform to win back the House.”


Meadows chose three avenues to deal with the attacks by Democrats. The first is to describe the attacks as overly broad; the second is to explain that the attacks violate ‘separation of powers’; and third, they are to form a GOP task force to deal with ponderous investigations.

It should be noted here that in one of the leaked memos from Soros/Brock meetings with deep-pocketed leftists, as reported by free beacon, their plan is to bury the administration in lawsuits and hearings.

The new House Democrat leader of Oversight and Government Reform Elijah Cummings and other Democrats have made no secret of their plan to launch over 100 hearings in addition to the lawsuits Democrats plan to file.

Meadows writes, “Describe the Democrats’ subpoenas as unreasonable, overly broad, onerous and designed to embarrass Trump. And call for ‘encouraging less-severe means of conducting investigations, like briefings, bipartisan letters, etc.’

That is actually very true. Democrats don’t seem interested in doing anything for the country. Their goal is to overturn the administration.

Meadows continued: “Argue that Democrats’ investigations raise concern over separation of powers, ‘the Democrats are interfering too much with presidential duties and have encroached too far on the fundamental powers of the executive branch.’

“Create a GOP task force for purposes of information sharing and strategy.”


The document includes “anticipated Democratic activity,” derived from 64 subpoena requests denied to Democrats over the last two years.

“We will need a larger team of experienced investigators who will be able to handle the heavy volume and intellectual challenges presented by the Democrats’ attacks,” Meadows writes “to counter the aggressive messaging the Democrats will launch” against Trump and Republicans.

“I plan on developing a communications team dedicated enough and talented enough to engage in reactionary, defensive messaging on a daily basis,” according to the document. Meadows wrote that the GOP would work to ensure that “Americans want their Congress to get things done and focus on their agenda — not on endless, frivolous, and partisan investigations.”

As it turns out, Meadows was not chosen to lead the minority on the Oversight Committee, Jim Jordan was, but Meadows is now talking to the GOP steering committee.


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