Mean Girl Wendy Davis Has a Campaign That Circles the Drain


Wendy Davis eyes

Branco Cartoon via Legal Insurrection

Wendy Davis, who has been outed as a liar and a child deserter, is now going after Greg Abbott over his handicap or at least her supporters are. She must know they are doing it, right? She must approve or she’d stop it.

The supporters are now saying that Greg Abbott might have been faking his quadriplegia over the last thirty years and they are insinuating that he did it for money.

Listen to this clip:

All Wendy Davis would have to do is tell them to stop but she won’t because Davis and her campaign have been outed as planning to use the fact that he is in a wheelchair against him.

Listen to the supporters:

Check out the wheelchair truthers on Twitchy.

What can you expect from Davis. She attracts abortion lovers who chanted “Hail Satan” outside the Texas Capitol all day long during her ridiculous spectacle of a filibuster where she argued for abortion up until the moment of birth.

They do it to mock pro-lifers in all likelihood but it doesn’t change the fact that they are base people.

Wait for the “Hail Satan”:

via acahnman

The clincher for me is Molly Ringwald endorsed Wendy for “governor of Houston, Texas. Hmm… are those libs in Houston going to have their own governor now?


Ringwald fits in with all the other Davis supporters.


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