Mean Mitt says Trump’s distanced himself from the “best qualities of human character”


Mitt Romney, who will never be President, is out bashing Trump once again. He never misses an opportunity. Mitt demeaned Trump’s character and then praised Justin Amish, the libertarian Republican who wants Trump impeached.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) in a Sunday CNN interview criticized President Trump‘s moral leadership of the U.S.

“I think he could substantially improve his game when it comes to helping shape the character of the country,” Romney, an anti-Trumper, said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“I think young people, as well as people around the world, look at the president of the United States and say ‘does he exhibit the kind of qualities that we would want to emulate?’ And those are qualities of humility, of honesty, integrity,” he added.

“The president has distanced himself from some of the best qualities of the human character.”


He is impressed with Justin Amash who joins with Democrats on almost every issue, including impeachment.

“My own view is that Justin Amash has reached a different conclusion than I have. I respect him. I think it’s a courageous statement. But I believe to make a case for obstruction of justice, you just don’t have the elements that are evidenced in this document. And I also believe that an impeachment call is something that not just relates to the law but considers practicality and Politics. I think those considering impeachment have to look at the jury, which is the Senate. The Senate is certainly not there either.”

He also made the point that he couldn’t support the Trump-appointed judge after he insulted Obama. That’s why wimpy Romney lost in 2012.


Mitt Romney happily accepted President Trump’s endorsement of his run for a US Senate seat in Utah. Apparently, he got over comments the President made in 2016 which he didn’t like. Romney the hypocrite said the remarks would make him reject Trump’s endorsements.

Then there was the time he wanted to become Secretary of State under Trump. He certainly supported the President then.

Romney should clean up his own poor character before he trashes that of other people.

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